Loving All Things Bookish

If you haven’t noticed I love books!  I love all things about books.  I even love my Kindle even though it does not smell and feel like a book.  It is the perfect traveling companion and if you had told me when Chris gave me my very first one years ago when they were brand spanking new that I would fall in love with it I would have told you that you were crazy.

Another thing that I have discovered that I love is book art.  There are so many wonderful ways to use books these days that are no longer of use for reading.  Crafty people have found great ways to repurpose books and give them new life. I recently bought this beauty from Alana of The Paper Dame.  I love it and hope that I can keep it alive. She did a special order for me and got me a red book .

I had just watered it and did a poor job....sorry the picture quality is not great but you get the idea.

I had just watered it and did a poor job….sorry the picture quality is not great but you get the idea.

I hang out at the library a bit –as a matter of fact that is where I am right now as I write this.  A current exhibit that they have sitting around is a tribute to book art and many of them were created by the resident children’s librarian and although she does not want any “exposure” and declined the opportunity for fame and fortune which a feature on my blog would bring I do have to give credit where credit is due. So thank you to Mason City Public Library and your awesome staff for all that you do.  The following pictures are just a few of the wonderful items on display currently.


A cute little birdhouse book!


A basket!


Loopy loops!!!


My favorite—an angel.


Great display book.


Rolls of paper tubes make a neat display.

candleCandle holder




X marks the spot

sign vase

More lovely book art



Two books I checked out with great intentions…..doubtful I will make anything out of them but they are pretty neat to look at.



  1. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    Seriously, you have the coolest stuff

  2. My grandmother used to make things like this out of used magazines. She was very crafty!

  3. OK, I need to check out these books.Such cool book art. I tend to buy old books at the annual used book sale in my community for the art. I always have these grand ideas about framing pages and then never do. The library should have a book art competition. I just love the ideas you featured in your photos. We have a great library staff in Faribault also.

  4. Our local, Houston, library is awesome!! For a little (<1000 pop.) town, it has garnered much praise for its various activities. I'll have to do a post, w/ lots of photos, to show the adjacent garden/reading area and exterior murals. Love paper/book crafts!!!! Hugs…..

  5. Love this! Our Chicago neighborhood libraries have suffered dwindling resources. Downtown library is just too much work. I do use the awesome online resources, tho. Cole never had the library experience like I did as a kid and I found that kind of sad. The libraries you find are very cool!

  6. I really enjoyed your pictures of the book art. I have seen some of them but never as a candle holder or one holding flowers. Beautiful and artistic.

  7. That’s interesting. But truthfully, I’m not completely sure how I feel about this. I love books as books. Although I’ve been thinking about carving out the inside of a book to use as a hiding place for my passwords. I guess I’ll have to readjust my thinking on that.

    • Well I think the ones that are used should be old ones that are no longer in good enough condition to read OR ones that are outdated—-ones that the facts are totally different now than when they are published. I get what you mean!

  8. I will take that bet Beth Ann because I think you will find some project to pique your interest & will make it from the books you took out today!

  9. I remember folding my grandad’s Reader’s Digests into different objet d’art. I had the same feelings as Christine at first, but outdated coin books and such are perfect for art.

    • Oh the Reader’s Digest were perfect for that!!! I have a couple really old cookbooks and sewing books that would be perfect for this type of art, too.

  10. This is wonderful. I love the angel.

  11. What clever book art. Not sure I have any books I woudl want to make art out of. What if I want to read them again?

  12. What an interesting idea. I hadn’t really thought about the reuse bit but makes sense.

  13. Fun post. Talk about giving a book a “new life”…that book planter is awesome.

    • The book planter is a little tricky to water—-I have not had huge success with it and am thinking I need to just take the original stuff out and start over but in the right spot it is a pretty neat thing!

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