Wordless Wednesday

If anyone needs one, let me know! Β I can pick one up this week for you. Β Just make sure to let me know if you want with a tail or without.




  1. hilaryfeelingbeachie says:

    I am speachless

  2. Hey wait….the beaver is our national animal. I’m not sure what such a noble creature might think about this. LOL

  3. I cannot even imagine where you, of all people, would find such an item! I am shocked! πŸ˜‰

  4. Just when I thought I’d seen everything…

  5. Your mission has been accomplished on “Wordless Wednesday” ….. I’m speechless…

  6. Don’t think I’l need tht anytime soon in Florida!!!! πŸ™‚

  7. What can I say? What a surprise your picture is.

  8. Joanna graham says:

    Where do you find these things. I think you are on the hunt for wild and crazy things

  9. Beth Ann the moral majority is going to haul you off when you get home! . One with a tail please! I posted this a year ago and the person who laughed hardest was my Mama! http://pinterest.com/pin/56858014015161299/ (not obscene or pornographic but don’t click link if you are easily offended)

    • I clicked and can’t stop laughing!!!! Tosh.o of course….very typical! I can pick one up with a tail if we venture back into town but man—it is crazy there!!!

  10. Well, that explains a lot about those cold Rocky Mountain winters!

  11. That is just too funny. Trust you to find something like this.

  12. I’m trying to come up with something clever to say, but can’t top this one.

  13. This is disturbing

    • Yes indeed, it is!!! Very! Funny thing there was a little old couple looking at the fur store window when I shot this pic……maybe they were thinking it would be a good present????

  14. OMG! ROFL!

  15. Uh…….wow. Just….wow.

  16. Oh my. It’s kinda fascinating…..


  1. […] I was remiss for not linking to this post Fur Jockstraps with and without tails written by our own El Morno Friend Beth Ann. […]

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