Releasing Books Into the Wild

P1140105I found a new thing and I am so very excited about it!   It is a “read and release” program of sorts and it is something that I felt compelled to share with my bloggy audience! is my new love.  I haven’t given up on my husband of almost 31 years but I have found a new way to share the joy of reading and the love of good books.   Book Crossing is the ultimate World Library.  The concept is simple—label a book, leave it in a public place for someone to pick up and then track it online to watch where it ends up.  Simple, right?  But it took some wise people to get this social networking library to work and now that I have found it I feel compelled to act and to share.

According to their website the goal is simply  to “connect people through books”.  What a great mission statement and one that almost every one can embrace, don’t you think?

A little bit of background info taken from their awesome website:

What is BookCrossing?

It’s the World’s Library. It’s a smart social networking site. It’s a celebration of literature and a place where books get new life. BookCrossing is the act of giving a book a unique identity so, as the book is passed from reader to reader, it can be tracked and thus connecting its readers. There are currently 1,964,960 BookCrossers and 9,801,699 books travelling throughout132 countries. Our community is changing the world and touching lives one book at a time.

How do we do it?

Label. Share. Follow. Breath new life into books instead of letting your old favorites collect dust – pass them along to another reader. Our online archival and tracking system allows members to connect with other readers, journal and review literature and trade and follow their books as lives are changed through “reading and releasing”. Users are able to tag and track their individual books by marking them with BCIDs (BookCrossing Identity Numbers). Each BCID is unique to each book – once it’s registered on our site, the book can then be followed and journaled forever. BookCrossing is free to join and free to play. So don’t be ‘shelf’ish with your books – read and release!

When and how did it start?

Although there were websites tracking things such as dollar bills and pictures, business partner Ron Hornbaker noted that nothing existed for tracking books. After all, books were more than just tangible objects, rather they possessed elements of emotional attachment and strong opinion; books were not only items collected and revered, but were intrinsically shared. This was the nidus that began our journey. With the help of Ron’s wife, Kaori, and cofounders Bruce & Heather Pedersen, the site was launched on April 21, 2001. The site remains a fun way to track and share books while connecting people at deeper levels using books as the architecture and glue to facilitate the Great Conversation.

I have officially signed up, have already printed some labels and generated BCID numbers and am ready to start releasing my books into the wild. With a vacation coming up I am looking forward to finding some great places to leave some fabulous books and help them to begin their journey.  I would love for each of my reader friends who love books like I do to join in!  I can send you a special invite if you leave me a comment in the comment section below that you would like more info.  It would be a great way for us to form a “network” and we could all be on our own little team.  Or you can just join on your own.  It’s all good!

My first book to be released will be one of my favorites to give as a gift:  The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha.  What would your first book be to pass on to the world???

(I released my first book on July 10th at the local Target.  I can’t wait to release more books and see if anyone follows up !)



  1. This is such a cool idea. I love it… when dangled carat becomes a reality I think that will be my first book to release into the wild!

    • Oh that would be AWESOME!!!! I love the idea! I know I have tons of books that I can set free and with one under my belt I am on my way!!! It is such a great idea!!!

  2. You were right. This is a GREAT idea. Once I get through this crazy summer, I may join. Keep us posted.

  3. This is such an interesting idea and will have to look into it. Choosing book would be hard for me though. I have to think.

    • I will send you an official link from me for it. It is such a neat idea and I would love to see a bunch of my readers sign up to do it even if they only “release” one!!! 🙂

  4. FUN. Sure send me an invite. I have some books that would love to be set free.

  5. This is such an awesome idea. What a way to let go of your books, instead of just letting them sit in a used bookstore or at Goodwill. Love it. And yes, I’d like more info please!!! 🙂

  6. What an interesting concept!

  7. I use paperback swap to share my books but that I have to actually wait for someone to request it, this sounds like I just leave a book sitting somewhere. Sure, give me an invite and I’ll check it out.

  8. This is just beyond cool. I am going to check it out. I don’t know what my first book would be. It’s hard for me to let my books go.. 🙂

  9. This sounds great to spread the books around and get people interested in reading. I hope people who can not afford to buy books will find some books to read.

  10. What a great idea!

  11. This is so much cooler than tracking you dollar bill on line! What a great program. Thanks for sharing it Beth Ann. 🙂

  12. Joanna graham says:

    What a great concept. Book lovers everywhere will love this idea. I already do

  13. I’ll look forward to reports of how this goes for you.

    • One is already in the hands of someone reading it. have a couple more to leave on our vacay …..I keep forgetting to stick them in my purse!

  14. I don’t get out much anymore except to the doctor’s but I suppose I could release a book there, put me down as part of the group if you don’t mind Beth Ann (it would be a waste to do it by myself since I have gone so digital).


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