The Order of Things

Quite awhile ago I was on a winning streak.  I won a gift certificate at HyVee for voting on favorite local places and that reminds me I need to find that gift card.  Hmmmm.   I guessed correctly on Lenore’s blog as to what the object in her mystery picture was and she made a donation in my name to a charity.  (Lenore, if you recall is the “mother” to Andy the Armadillo who was featured in many blog posts of my own (click here) and of others).

I also won a wonderful book from Katybeth who offers great giveaways occasionally on her blog Odd Loves Company.  The book came and I devoured it immediately.  Before you go thinking that I am all academic and studious and an intellectual let me put that idea right out of your heads!!!  It is basically a picture book where the author takes different objects or items and makes them orderly. The Art of Clean Up:  Life Made Neat and Tidy by Ursus Wehrli.  Check out the pictures and you will understand.















Which is your favorite of this sampling??? Are you ordered?  Do you eat your food according to color or texture ?  Inquiring minds want to know!



  1. If I had to order my food before I ate, I would starve.

  2. I like the pictures of the fruit!

  3. Well, this is one book i have not read/seen! Unique!

  4. What a creative and clever idea. I choose the sandbox as my fav.

  5. I like the lone flower in the grass. I have piles rather than order most of the time.

  6. Ann Goode says:

    My life in pictures- HAH!

  7. The premise and ordering reminds me of a few people with autism that I know.

  8. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. I’ve enjoyed giving it as gifts over the last few months. My impossible to by BIL loved it.

  9. My co-worker makes fun off me for the way I clean up and “order” things, especially since the kids destroy it all within 5 minutes. 🙂

  10. pattisj says:

    I liked the sandbox, but I think the child preferred it before!

  11. My Mom gave me that book for my birthday and now every time I look at a plate of food I think about how I can organize it. Parking lots too!

  12. I love the one with the daisy….and all the petals separated.
    did anyone else end up with “he loves me not” ???

  13. I used to eat my food one item at a time but know I just mix it all together & eat the mash up!

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