Teapot Tuesday

Our youngest son, Aaron, recently had a business trip to Israel.  He asked me what I wanted from “the motherland”.  Of course I said a teapot but did not expect that he would actually deliver that.  Surprise of all surprise when I got a text once he got back stateside saying “Mom  , your teapot put me in the super security line and I was worried I was going to miss my flight”.  Evidently bubble wrapped teapots raise eyebrows in the Tel Aviv airport.  Perhaps it was because he hand carried it through after seeing luggage go shooting down chutes into oblivion.  Regardless–last week when I unwrapped the treasure I was thrilled as I am sure you can imagine after you see the pictures.  It is beautiful. Thank you, Aaron.







  1. Wow, how gorgeous is that?! The blues are amazing. What a sweet son to risk missing his flight. By the way, I’ve found a teapot here I’m going to get. When I do, I’ll send you photos!

  2. Wow. I really love that one. The colors are so bright and vivid. Beautiful. What a good son you have!

  3. edshunnybunny says:

    I always enjoy seeing your teapots on Tuesdays. I’ll bet this one will always be among your favorites, and rightfully so!

  4. It’s wonderful and I’m glad your son wasn’t arrested. The things sons do for their mother.

  5. Shoot, I forgot to tell a story. One of my friends traveled to Mexico with her family. On the way back to the States she was pulled aside by security. They pulled her luggage aside. It had her name on the tag, but it was actually her mom’s luggage. Security didn’t care. She was taken into a private room as they went through the bag. Then they pulled out a bag with white powder in it. My friend almost wet herself. As it turns out, the bag was filled with white sand. Her mother wanted to take a piece of the beach with her. The security guys laughed, but it took a few days for my friend to get over it.

    • Oh my goodness!!!!!! I think it would have taken me more than a couple days!!! Especially after watching those Border Patrol tv shows!!!

  6. How unique…..really like the styling! The flower/vine pattern would translate beautifully in to a great quilt piecing/stitching, hmmmmmm? LOL! Guess that’s how ‘see’ life! Hugs……

  7. I love handmade items. Your family goes a long way for you and your hobby. 🙂

  8. Joanna Graham says:

    How lucky for you, it is beautiful and will be treasured as all of your pots are. What a sweet son you have.

  9. Beautiful, the design and colors are perfect, bright and lively.

  10. It is GORGEOUS! I don’t blame him for putting it in his carry-on, even if it did slow him down a little: when I got home from my trip, my checked bag wasn’t here, and I had some gifts for the boys in it. Thankfully I got it the next night, but I learned a lesson!

    • Luggage does not always make it on time, does it? Although I have been lucky lately with mine. But this was a bit too fragile for baggage handlers so I am very glad he carried it!

  11. I really love this one. the blue colour is amazing!!
    and do I spy a teapot used as a planter behind it? If so, that’s a great idea!

    • Thanks! The blue is vivid and lovely!!! I do have a couple teapots as planters but that red one is not one. I guess I should feature them too!

  12. It’s a beautiful teapot. I love the pattern and the blue. It’s a fun teapot.

  13. It is absolutely delightful. What a great son you have there.

  14. It’s beautiful! He sure knows how to pick ’em!

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