Stuffed in a Trunk?

The adventure started on Wednesday morning.  My husband texted me and told me to be safe.  He had visions of me stuffed in a trunk and abandoned somewhere between Mason City and Cresco .  It is a fear he always has when I say “Hey—I am going to go meet a bloggy friend”.   It is unfounded and silly but it has become our little joke.  Since I am writing this post you know that his dreaded fear did not come to fruition. What did come to fruition was a positively delightful day.

I connected with Doreen from Treadlemusic through following Audrey’s blog over at Minnesota Prairie Roots.  That is how this blogging world operates.  One blog leads to another which leads to another which leads to another.  We are all a huge connected family and the blogs that I am drawn to seem to feature creative, talented and inspiring folks.   Today’s meeting was no different and I made 3 new friends in the process.

Doreen is a wonderful woman with talents that I can not even begin to list here.  Check out her blog and see a bit of what she is about by clicking here.  She is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, biker, small hobby farmer and above all a quilter.  Chris’s grandma Kate was a quilter and left behind several tops that needed finishing.  My sister in law graciously told me that I could have one and the one that I picked for me is perfect—red and beautiful. The other two , including one that is partially finished, will be the ones that my sister in law and niece will have.  They are a little bit of our history and a lot of love.




After some emails back and forth Doreen suggested we meet in Cresco at Quilter’s Garden which is owned by Katie Mast.  You can check out her Facebook page here.  What a FABULOUS shop!   I have been out of sewing for a few years but it stirred something deep within me…..The colors, the fabrics, the finished products….beautiful!

Quilter's Garden (photo courtesy of Quilter's Garden Facebook page)

Quilter’s Garden (photo courtesy of Quilter’s Garden Facebook page)

Cram packed with fabulous fabrics!

Cram packed with fabulous fabrics!

Vivid colors on bolts await the perfect project

Vivid colors on bolts await the perfect project

Machines and more machines!

Machines and more machines!


The "mack daddy" of quilting machines!

The “mack daddy” of quilting machines!


While we were figuring out what the perfect fabrics were to use for backing and finishing the quilt tops a delightful young woman named Thavret entered the shop.  As we listened to her almost perfect English we discovered that she was visiting the US from Cambodia on a cultural tour of sorts.  I did not get the official name of the organization but I do know that she is associated with the Volunteer Student Club of Cambodia.   One of the things that the students do is sell jewelry so of course we all purchased something from her and spent a while chatting about her experiences.  The group combines home stays and camping experiences so she is getting a great experience.  She was so enthusiastic and well spoken and she was thrilled to make “new friends” as were we.  She asked me to be her Facebook friend so you know I found her as soon as I got home!

Katie , Thavret and Doreen

Katie , Thavret and Doreen

Me, Thavret and Doreen

Me, Thavret and Doreen

Doreen and Katie chatted about projects and techniques and all things quilting and I just soaked it all up.  I am thrilled to have someone so talented and lovely who is going to finish up these quilts for me.  They are going to be such lovely reminders of Grandma Kate and of course I will be thinking of Doreen when I see them also.

Things Quilters Really Think!

Things Quilters Really Think!

Finished samples everywhere!

Finished samples everywhere!


I especially loved this Iowa fabric featuring my own county--Cerro Gordo front and center.

I especially loved this Iowa fabric featuring my own county–Cerro Gordo front and center.

I loved watching these two talk about some of the projects that Doreen had brought along to show me her work.  Such excitement and enthusiasm!!!

Doreen shows off one of her masterpieces !

Doreen shows off one of her masterpieces !



Explaining just how it is done!

Explaining just how it is done!

After hugs were exchanged for the last time Doreen and I walked down the street to the recommended restaurant (by Katie)—Teluwut where we had fabulously large or in their words “super” salads!  My Caribbean was beyond delicious and Doreen and I shared more conversation while we ate.

salad teluwaht

I could not have envisioned a more perfect day.  The hubby texted me several times during the day to check my status.  Fortunately I was not stuffed in a trunk someone in the middle of nowhere Iowa.  Thanks, Doreen and Katie, for a fabulous day!  I look forward to our next meeting!


  1. What a wonderful day. I also love meeting blogging friends. I met Alison all the way from England when she came to Vancouver last year. It was so much fun. Perhaps I will get to meet you one day, you never know. And to think it was an armadillo that connected us!

  2. artsynina says:

    I think wordpress ate my first comment?! Anywhoo, love blogger-meets-blogger stories! Sounded like a wonderful day 🙂

    • I would not put it past WordPress one bit!!! I “thought” I had this post scheduled for my usual time this morning but it posted after midnight …..might have been me but I could have sworn I put the right time on it. Anyway===it was a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by, Nina! Someday we shall meet, too!

  3. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    I love this! It is so much fun to meet bloggy friends in real life. I have only done so at conferences. If it makes you feel any better, I think Marc would behave the same way as Chris. Who am I kidding – he would probably be tracking my phone all day to make sure that I wasn’t stuffed in a trunk!

    • Haha! I am glad to hear there is another husband who has doubts! It just cracks me up because I “think” I probably know more about some of my bloggy friends than regular friends if that makes any sense!

  4. There are blog-pals that I would love to meet…like you! Maybe one day that will happen! Hugs!

    • I am confident it will happen, McGuffy Ann!!! Doreen’s husband used to be a trucker so your Bill’s name and you came up in conversation yesterday! Were your ears burning?

  5. Beth Ann, so happy you met Doreen, whom I consider a friend even though we’ve never met. Isn’t she fab? And talented, for certain. I just am in awe of her creativity and skills in quilting.

    That Chris. That’s all I’m going to say.

  6. Such an awesome day!!!!! I look forward to completing those quilts for you, Beth Ann. The hand quilting will be the perfect project (portable) to bring to the RV….once we put it back tomorrow!!!! We’ll have to plan a “connecting day” again, soon (and head Audrey’s way!!??!!). Blessings…..

  7. Reblogged this on Treadlemusic and commented:
    This is how I spent my Wednesday. Amidst the tasks of moving the Rv back and forth from the river, a personal connection was finally achieved!! Hopefully, this trend can be continued and I will have opportunities for more face to face conversations with my blogging buds!!!!! I highly recommend it to all, out there in blogland!!!!

  8. P.S. I just couldn’t help but “reblog” this post!!! You captured the joy and happiness that were shared during those hours together………..

  9. I’m so happy you were able to meet another of your “imaginary” friends and even happier Chris’ worry was for nothing! I love quilts, especially the history many of them hold. It would have taken all my strength not to wrap up in one and nap. Haha. Your adventures are endless. Good for you! xoxo

    • Thanks, Diane. I love meeting all my imaginary friends and it is a perfect way to spend a day! I view quilts as works of art and the quilters are definitely artists!

  10. Meeting blog friends is the bestest! Glad you had a super wonderful day.. 🙂

  11. Joanna graham says:

    Oh Beth that sounds like you had a wonderful day. I would have loved to have been a part of it. You are a traveler and one that I admire

    • This was right up your alley!!!! I thought of you all day with all the fabulous quilts!!! I am so in awe of anyone who can do this art ! Someday when I am in NC again I want a tour of your quilting room!!! 🙂

  12. It looks like you had a great time! Wish I could meet with Doreen too… She is an awesome lady!!!

  13. I love meeting blogging friends. Two years ago I met two of them from Australia when they came to New England. We met at the NE Quilt Museum and that was amazing. I’ve met several in person that live where we park the RV summers. It is a great thrill to see someone you’ve only written to in blogs. Perhaps our RVs will be parked somewhere at the same time, Doreen. It could happen!

    • What a wonderful story!!! I absolutely love hearing stories like this!! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Doreen and I had a fabulous visit.

  14. It’s fantastic that you got to meet another bloggy friend. I love meeting bloggy friends and be able to sit and talk and click in person! 🙂

  15. I love the “stuffed in a trunk” fear. My husband used the “but what if they’re ax murderers?” argument. I always come home in one piece after visiting bloggy friends. I’ve had the great fortune to meet eleven people I’ve met through blogging. I’m going for a record! I love looking at the quilts. I wish I had that kind of skill. I admire anyone who does. A wonderful passion that produces such beautiful works of art. Awesome!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kathy. My husband reminded me tonight when he called that most trunks now have trunk release latches that may even glow in the dark so being locked in a trunk is hopefully not even a worry any more. Whew! I have met only 3 so far but I am going for far more also!!! I love your idea of going for a record—I would love to meet as many as I can. And yes—quilts are definitely works of art and I am amazed at them.

  16. pattisj says:

    Maybe he saw you wrapped in a quilt and thought you were stuffed in a trunk…
    Lovely quilts! Have to love a shop called Quilter’s Garden. Looks like a nice place to visit and hang out with fabric. 🙂

  17. How wonderful that you got to meet up!! And are you going to meet Audrey tomorrow?!! Goodness. I’m jealous. But I’m also happy for you all!!

  18. Quilts are so pretty!! Your more likely to step in dog poop in my house than be murdered with an axe. Just sayin’

  19. How fun. The fabric shop looked awesome. I’ve never had the patience to make a real old fashioned quilt. I have made a couple of appliqué ones. Did I show you the unicorn one Anna designed and helped me make for my granddaughter?

    Anyway, you’re lucky to not only have that family heirloom, but to have met a blogging friend to help you with it.

  20. Rachael says:

    It looks like Quilters Garden is the perfect name for that shop- and that it would be an awesome place to spend a day, especially with projects to finish and new friends to make!

  21. Don’t you just love meeting blogging buddies?! It’s always been a huge delight for me. So happy to hear you’ve had a chance to get together with another. Hope we get to meet one of these days! And hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  22. Sounds like a wonderful day. I have one question: what is a small hobby farmer?

  23. So far behind in my reading – sounds like a great day, I’m so jealous even though I can’t sew a stitch. I still like to look at fabric & dream.

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