Cottages, Splashing, Angels and Squirrels

A few more pictures from Lakeside on Lake Erie.  Today’s Wall Street Journal featured an article about Lakeside and the Chautauqua experience. Click here to open a new window with the article.    Quite timely!!!  

Click on any picture to start a slideshow!!!!


  1. Can I become a member of your family? I would love to vacation here. Oh, those houses…

    • Absolutely!!! You would love it here, I know! Small town with neat architecture and all kinds of great programming in the summer. And safe—as kids we had the run of the town and it is still pretty much the same now.

  2. Oh I remember the joy of playing in water when I was a kid. And boy did I love my slip-n-slide. now I would never do it. Then I was fearless and I bounced back quicker.

  3. pattisj says:

    Nice garden ornaments. I love the “water spouts.” I need one in my yard.

  4. I particularly like the daisy photo you took. Very nice!

  5. Everything looks so beautiful. I love the little squirrel. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your time there.

  6. The Patio growth chart is new to me… It’s really cute! Although it would have been fun if instead of feet they called them pints or scoops or something! 🙂

    • Great idea!!! I am not sure how long it has been there but Chris and Aaron always joke around with it to see if they have grown….Aaron tried to stretch to 6 feet but came a bit shy !!!!

  7. I like that you included the squirrel!

  8. I loved your pictures. I did not get many this year so I will try harder next year. I hope I will be able to be there next year as I would hate to miss the chance to be with my family and see lots of my friends.

  9. Love, love, love these pictures; especially the angle garden!

    • It is a really cute little space that was donated to the town and it gets prettier every year. I like it all from the screen door against the building to all the thoughtful looking angels!

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