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My friend, Hilary, from Feeling Beachie fame has written a book and I was privileged to read an advance edition of it months ago.  It is a great memoir based on the commitment issues that her now husband, Marc, had and how they worked through it.  It is a really great book and I am privileged to have read it before it was actually published.

Hilary is working on publishing options and has the book in the hands of two agents right now so things are looking very hopeful that this book will become even more real for her soon.  I am thrilled to be one of her biggest fans!!!

One thing Hilary was looking for were stories about relationships from other people.  Of course I am never one to stay silent and if someone says “come write a guest blog post” I will do it without any hesitation!  So today please join me over at Dangled Carat to read a bit about my own love story.  Click here to go directly to the post.  (I had a bad link earlier so hopefully this one will work!)

Thanks, Hilary, for letting me join in the fun!  While you are there take some time to look around and comment!!!  Any comments on my guest post there will count toward my Comments for a Cause for June which goes to help fund Rachael and Nate Youman’s Habitat for Humanity trip!!!


  1. Beth Ann – thanks so much for your awesome guest post – you are truly a role model – you should see my face right now -because I feel the same way about you! Love ya oodles!

  2. Beth Ann – thank you so much for an amazing guest post! You are truly a role model for marriage! I wish you could see my face right now – I have such a huge smile as I feel exactly the same way about you! Love you oodles!

  3. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    Beth Ann – thank you so much for an amazing guest post! You are truly a role model for marriage! I wish you could see my face right now – I have such a huge smile as I feel exactly the same way about you! Love you oodles!!!

  4. Hi Beth Ann, I’m dying to read the post but none of the links work. I’ll check back in later to see if it’s working. I bet you have a fabulous story to tell. xoxo Have a great weekend and enjoy Lakeside!!! 🙂

  5. Yes. Communication, respect & trust. We just celebrated 32 years.

  6. Oh, oh, I’m in trouble. I still call upon Randy to kill centipedes. I cannot stand them. Other bugs I’m OK. These, not.

    Wonderful story as you and Chris are an outstanding couple to emulate. I won’t say that my husband and I have had only one disagreement. That would not be true. But we work them out.

    Also, I believe Randy’s equivalent of “Get a spine” is “Buck up.” Can’t stand those two words. I think it’s a family thing, though, as I’ve also heard at least one of his sisters use that phrase.

    • Buck up is exactly the same!!! Exactly. I would hate that phrase, too! Growing up on a farm and you don’t like centipedes???? Surprising but I suspect it is the zillions of legs they leave behind when squished!!! 🙂

  7. What a wonderful post Beth Ann. My hubby and i have been married for 37 years. We attribute a sense of hunmour to being a big part of staying married. I agree with you though about honesty and mutual respect. We are both sensitive people and we are mindful of what we say to each other and how we say it. We both have a sense of adventure and I think that helps too.Thanks for sharing yoru story.

  8. Enjoyed your guest post very much–I always kill the bugs in our house. My cats usually find them first and show me, then I give the death blow and leave my husband out of it.

  9. We have been married for three years now as of this past Wednesday… Lots of good advice coming from those of you that have been married for much longer! Thanks for the tips, Aunt Beth, and everyone who is commenting on her story! 🙂

  10. pattisj says:

    On my way to check it out.

  11. We haven’t made it to 31 yet, but are nearing our 10th in a year. And, palmetto bugs–ugh!

  12. Hubby & I natter at each other. The only way you can tell we are really having an argument is when things are silent – then you know we’re really angry! This is not my preferred method of communication but it seems to work for him & we’ve been together since 1996.

    • Well whatever works, right???? I am not critic of anyone else’s relationships because everyone has different dynamics!!! Silence in your case is not golden!

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