I May or May Not Be A Caribou




It is suddenly clear to me.  I have caribou blood in me even though my 23 and Me profile did not indicate it.  You see—I click when I walk.  Just the left knee–not the right but there is a definite clicking sound when I walk.  I noticed it a couple years ago and I suspect it is just further notice of my continual and ever present aging.  If I walk straight legged it does not click but according to my husband it is not very attractive to see me walking in that manner.


Our recent trip to the Minnesota Zoo got me thinking after I read this sign in the Caribou exhibit.  Perhaps I have some Caribou blood in me.  Perhaps I am adapting to the environment in Iowa and my clicking knee is to help Chris find me during blizzards.  Maybe it is not associated with age at all.  Maybe I am a caribou in disguise.

One thing is for sure.  My hopes and dreams of being a ninja are kaput.


  1. dangledcarat says:

    I think I am starting to get some of that blood in me too – I am clicking more than I used to!

  2. That’s too funny. Thanks for the morning chuckle!!! 🙂

  3. Goodness me! My right knee clicks when I walk down stairs. Am I one?

  4. You were right. I am laughing out loud. Right now. Excellent way to start my morning. This is hilarious.

    Here’s a little story about me and clicking. Five years ago, within a week of my scheduled hip replacement surgery, a study came out stating that people who got ceramic upon ceramic hip implants “clicked” when they walked. Oh, oh, That was exactly what my ortho surgeon was planning to use. Plan B was put in place. Now all I need to worry about is whether there will be a recall on my hip implant. There have been plenty. So far so good.

    • There are so many who click out there–who would have thought??? Wow–you are lucky to not have had your implant recalled—I know J & J has had a lot of recalls on some of their stuff. You would think they would have stuff tested more thoroughly but I guess sometimes things can not be predicted.

  5. Well this explains everything! My knees clicked my entire life. I had them replaced four years ago and they still click. I must be a caribou!

  6. Yep…got a bum knee myself. I’m a clicker too. And it’s really bad when the weather is bad too. although…I keep trying to lose my “herd”. LOL

  7. Cute. Maybe you’re a princess in disguise. Did you ever see Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella? I always think of that when my ankle clicks, which it does only on occasion.

  8. I’m a clicker too!

  9. I am not a clicker but my neck cracks sometimes.

  10. My knee clicks when I walk up stairs. That is interesting about caribou.

  11. Could you be a cross between a Caribou and a Ninja…I feel sad when anyone has to give up a dream. Oh wait… clicking in a Ninja could be more deadly than unattractive. Oh well, It’s sweet to think of the clicking leading Chris to you in a blizzard.

  12. I didn’t know that about Caribou. Hopefully your click will not change to something else!

  13. If so, would your nieces as nephews call you “Aunt-Ler”?

  14. Rachael says:

    Nate’s ankle clicks… Maybe that’s so that I can find HIM in a blizzard??? I don’t really click usually so I guess I can’t be part of the herd… 😦

  15. That is quite an interesting possibility. Thanks for sharing the caribou fact with us, didn’t know that.

  16. Hahahahahaha!

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