Teapot Tuesday Frank Lloyd Wright Style

What could be a more perfect teapot for someone who lives in Mason City, Iowa –home of the last standing Frank Lloyd Wright hotel than a teapot that pays homage to the man himself???   I found this cute teapot on Ebay quite by accident and was thrilled when I won the auction a while ago.  It was listed as follows:  Frank Lloyd Wright Tea Pot  Art Institute of Chicago 1993 COPCO Stained Glass.  










  1. Another great teapot for your collection.

  2. Great architect and perfect for your collection. Great find.

  3. How do you find all of these?

    • I have found a lot on Ebay lately that are unique. I am also often gifted with them which is pretty neat and now when folks see a teapot they think of me!!! 🙂

  4. Bright and colorful, it seems like the perfect invitation to a morning cuppa..

  5. I really like it. Lucky you.

  6. Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. Frank Lloyd Wright. And this describes your tea pot…well… to a tea.

  7. That’s very cool! Love the design on it. 🙂

  8. The FLW leaded windows have been one of my fave characteristics of his architecture. Great ‘find’ and so nicely done! Hugs…….

  9. Great teapot. I have always been interested in Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings and this teapot is special.

  10. This is a unique beauty, I’m glad you won!

  11. I remember Dad always talking about this or that engineer that designed a bridge or architect that designed a building… Frank Lloyd Wright is one of his favorites! When I got old enough to be interested in and appreciate feats of architecture and engineering, I understood why! Neat teapot!

    • Yep—I think it is an important part of our world to be able to appreciate architecture. Chris and I have been to several Wright houses and now that the hotel is here in our town it makes it even better!

  12. That is a very cool teapot. I must check out Ebay!

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