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Friday Fill In’s are here!!! Thanks to Hilary at Feeling Beachie who hosts this every week.  It gives us all a chance to fill in the blanks!  Join up by stopping by Hilary’s and putting in your link!!!

Today’s Fill In’s:

1. I love that my _____ has _____ because now I _____
2. Sometimes I wonder how people lived without ____ in the past
3. I love to get ____ in the mail because ___
4. I If I could change the temperature today to____________ then________________.

My answers:

1. I love that my coffee pot  has a built in grinder and timer  because now I can have the perfect cup of coffee in the morning without having to wait!
2. Sometimes I wonder how people lived without electricity in the past
3. I love to get Our State magazine  in the mail because it brings back nice memories of living in North Carolina.
4. I If I could change the temperature today to above 70 degrees  then my life would be complete.  It doesn’t take much

Dont’ forget Comments for a Cause this month goes to support my niece and her hubby (Rachael and Nate) and their Habitat for Humanity trip.   Also—come back tomorrow for the final installment of the River City Sculptures on Parade!!!.



  1. 70 degrees sounds nice. Not too hot, but still warm. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. 70F….sigh….. Foggy and 54..again! Finishing a client’s quilt, making a pasta salad for GS’s grad. party tomorrow then off to the RV at the river. I am counting on the forecast being right this time: partly sunny this afternoon and tomorrow (for the grad open house). Have a wonderful weekend!!! Hugs and blessings……..

    • This weather is driving me to distraction!!! Rain in the forecast for the next week!!! Every day. I am beginning to develop a mildew coating on my body!
      BTW—my sis in law has unearthed the quilt tops!!!! I am picking them up in a week and will be back home the week after that so at least I will have them in my possession. THEN we can work on coordination of transfer!!!! 🙂

  3. I’m choosing #3 to fill in. I love to get handwritten letters in the mail because so few people communicate that way anymore, making such letters absolute treasures.

    Southeastern Minnesota Weather Report: SUNSHINE (yes) and 56 degrees.

    • I love getting handwritten letters, too!!!! Yay for a lost art! Crazy weather—-there is rain every single day in our forecast (just ask Carlton aka Mr. Weather) but I am hoping we break 60 degrees. Sigh.

  4. Hope it gets a little warmer for you. The weather is wonky everywhere… I’m so happy to see the sun again today. I’ve missed it these past few weeks.

  5. I have a few extra degrees I can send your way. Would you like it with a side of tropical storm?

  6. Rachael says:

    If I could change the temperature today from an expected 100 to 80, I would gladly give you the extra 20 degrees to warm up in! And Nevada would gladly take some rain off your hands, too…

  7. Sometimes I wonder how I lived for over three weeks without electricity this year…. But now that all is said and done – I wouldn’t mind being out again – in a way it was very peaceful…

  8. I matched your fill-in for no. 2–need electricity!

  9. ohhhh….I think I just coveted your coffee pot. mine has a timer, but no grinder. That IS fresh. Although, I do love my Keurig; when it works properly.
    It’s not above 70 here either. cold and rainy. perfect movie day. hoping I get to watch one I like soon. haha

  10. Our weather was in the 70’s with very little wind and the sun was out this morning after rain during the night. I could not ask for better weather. I was not outside enjoying it but over at Beegly making cards with the card crafters and enjoying it.

  11. The good old days without electricity sound pretty dismal! I mean, like, how did they plug in their modem and chargers??

  12. I can’t imagine life without electricity. Can’t even go there.
    I would happy for the sun to come out and stay out for longer than a couple of hours. I need some sun!!!!! Enjoy your Sunday(!) Beth Ann!

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