River City Sculptures on Parade—Part 2

As promised today I will give you more of the sculptures from our wonderful traveling exhibition that is located in downtown Mason City.  To see the first selections click on this link and it will open a new window with my post featuring the first 8 sculptures.

Huckleberry Daze by Jerry McKellar

Huckleberry Daze by Jerry McKellar

Carlton loved Huckleberry Daze and I managed to get a smile AND eyes open on this picture!!!


Solar Harmony by Chris Kilbane

Solar Harmony by Chris Kilbane



Tickled by Louise Peterson

Tickled by Louise Peterson





I think the artist got this one perfectly!!!!  Doesn’t he look realistic????



Daddy Long Legs by David Vande Vusse

Daddy Long Legs by David Vande Vusse



Going for the Goal by Dee Clements

Going for the Goal by Dee Clements



Healing a Broken Heart by Lynn Peterson

Healing a Broken Heart by Lynn Peterson

This one is in front of our church, First UMC, and across the street from Hospice so it seems appropriately placed.


Summer Distractions by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

Summer Distractions by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby






Dreams of Ecstasy by Martin Eichinger

Dreams of Ecstasy by Martin Eichinger







Natural Wonders by Michele Moushey Dale

Natural Wonders by Michele Moushey Dale




I loved the bunny peeking around the back!!

So tell me—which one is your favorite one today???  My favorite is still ahead……come back Saturday for the rest of the sculptures!!!!



  1. I love these! These are really interesting and well done. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful! And it’s hard to get a photo of me with my eyes open as well. I do this weird thing when I pose for the camera: Smile, close eyes, and put my arms behind me like I’m ski jumping. I have no idea why I do or how to stop it.

    • Acknowledging your problem is half the battle—-or so they tell me! 🙂 Is that something that you have always done? In your grade school pictures are you posing like that? It made me giggle to read that!

      • Oh my grade school photos are horrible. I hope I never become famous! I look like I’m eating my bottom lip in those. I don’t sit still and smile well and that was my solution of doing something.

  3. I thought the Daddy Long Legs was my favorite and then as I went down the page there were too many cool ones to pick. Love the one with the kitty and is that Piglet hanging from the handle bars on the scooter thingie??? 😀 Happy Birthday to your son!!!

    • I think it is Piglet!!! I didn’t photograph all of them as well as I should have!! Some of my favorite ones are still to be featured…..I am thinking that will be Saturday’s post!!!

  4. First, happy birthday to your precious Aaron! For me, a son/daughter’s birthday is just such a special day of remembering and celebrating.

    Second, I love so many of the sculptures featured here today that it’s tough to choose a fav. But I’ll have to go with “Healing a Broken Heart.” I like the simplicity of it and the poetic thoughts it evokes.

    Also, I recognized “Tickled” as a sculpture I photographed in Mankato two years ago. You can see it by clicking here: http://mnprairieroots.com/2011/07/09/a-virtual-tour-of-mankatos-sculpture-walk/

  5. Thanks for sharing, Beth Ann. This is a cool exhibit. Is this your home town, or one close by?

    • This is where we live now, Christine. They are very neat and part of a traveling show. I am going to link to another one that Audrey from Minnesota blogged about on Saturday.

  6. As a dog owner…Tickled is my fave!

  7. I think I’ll have to go with Natural Wonders though Summer distractions and Going for the goal were close..

  8. Rachael says:

    My vote is Natural Wonders… Maybe that’s not a big surprise…? 🙂

  9. Summer Distractions was my favorite as it looked so real.

  10. Happy Birthday Aaron. 25 is a number with tons of potential. Happy Birth Day Beth! I liked Natural Wonders….but that Daddy long legs is pretty cute!

    • Natural Wonders had a lot going on but the Daddy Long Legs is pretty awesome. I posed underneath it …..but the picture turned out looking dorky. Course that is normal for my pictures!

  11. pattisj says:

    Happy birthday, Aaron! Lots of good ones today, hmmmm. Solar Harmony was my first pick, but I also like Healing a Broken Heart. Thanks for sharing these with us!

    • Solar Harmony was my least favorite for some reason so I am glad you liked it! Healing the Broken Heart is a really neat one and even better because it is in front of my church!

  12. This time I think I liked the dog, the skating kid or the kid on the scooter.

  13. I love Natural Wonders! there are many good ones though.


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