Wordless Wednesday–The Story of a Nest in Pictures









Unfortunately Mama Robin has abandoned the nest and Chris refused to sit on the egg while I was gone…….sad end to my exciting nest story.


  1. the nerve of chris….

  2. Oh, how sad! This makes me want to cry.

  3. I loved that first photo, until I saw the next and the next and the next. Was this nest on a window sill?

    • Nope—it is in a wreath on our front door…….It was kind of a public place but we were gone a lot so I don’t think that was the issue—-I think a bird gone bad was a predator and then Mama left….

  4. Awwww. That’s so sad! Wonder what happened? Mother nature can be fickle… 😦

  5. ahhh. that is sad. we have 2 right outside the front door. The robin’s nest had 4 eggs and thanks to me looking after her nest almost as much as mama bird did: my kids managed to leave it alone long enough for 4 baby birds to hatch and fly away. I am not so sure about the one the sparrow built in my Christmas wreath. I was just about to take it down, when I heard tiny chirping sounds and spied 3 babies in a nest — that was built into the wreath!! amazing. hopefully they will be okay. I only touched the wreath, not the nest, and it’s too high for the kids to get at.

  6. Poor babies. Bad Chris.

  7. It does make you wonder what happened. You have your own mystery, never to be resolved.

  8. I wonder why Mama Robin abandoned her nest? Maybe the proximity of your cat?

    • I have no clue—my cats are inside and there is no way they can even see that nest so I don’t think that was it. I suspect another mean bird who snatched the eggs scared her away…so sad.

  9. The nest was beautiful, the eggs were sweet, and the location was safe and loving. It just wasn’t time for those babies to hatch.

  10. Awww! We have nests in one of our trees and/or pole barn all the time and it’s so sad when things like that happen.
    Here’s My Photo

  11. That is a sad ending. It’s amazing how many don’t make it to adult bird status.

  12. Sad. We watched a Jay take out a whole nest of robin babies. I would have never thought and we spent two days trying to keep it from happening. He tried to do it to a Phoebe nest that was on our gutter but those Phoebes, you don’t want to mess with those parents.. 😀 Sorry you didn’t get to see the babies grow up and fledge Beth Ann.

  13. Rachael says:

    There is a pair of barn swallows that have nested in the fish trap building on the Reservation every year I have worked for the Tribe so far- they are so fun to watch fly in and out! They like to scold us when we are in there late at night for waking them up…

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