Teapot Tuesday Gone Fishing

Today I enlisted the assistance of my local fishing fanatic to feature the latest in my Yixing clay teapot collection.    Please note that he was actually willing!  No coercion required.








  1. Did he bring you that from China? It’s perfect after your recent adventures! 🙂

  2. Very cute teapot AND such good assisting your assistant did!!!

  3. Ha, ha, no coercion necessary. Great catch, Chris. And I’m not just talkin’ fish.

  4. A willing ‘body’ is always a pleasure to have/work with!! That is one cute little teapot! I hope to get a wee bit of fishing in this summer….we’ll see. If this rain doesn’t give me/us a break, indoors will be my location of choice!! Hugs……

  5. love this one! and big round of applause for your assistant too. well done 🙂

  6. He’s very patient–how many shots did you actually take?

    • I only took these of the teapot but then I zoomed in and took pictures of his lips, his nose, etc. The fun was over then…..he was not amused.

  7. Perfect timing, in light of your recent fishing posts. And Chris is smiling!

  8. Whale, that is dolphinitely the finest looking teapot I have ever seen. No squidding.

  9. I love this adorable little teapot! Thank heaven for a willing assistant to help display it.

  10. Another unusual teapot. Good picture of Chris also.

  11. Rachael says:

    The waves on the sides make it even more complete! Cute!

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