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All things considered I love the accessibility of social media. I love being able to have the world at my fingertips.  I absolutely love all of my electronic devices that allow me to post, chat, peruse, read and catch up with people in my life.  But sometimes…..sometimes……it works against me.

I am on Facebook and have been for quite a few years.  I originally fought it when my sister, who was in graduate school at the time, tried to get me to join so that I could be a part of her “circle” of Facebook friends.  I didn’t see the point since I was not in academia.  It seemed like it was just for high school and college kids and since I was neither I did not think it was appropriate.

Then I got sucked in.  And boy–did I ever.  I spend far more time on Facebook and Twitter than I ever imagined.  I suspect that if I were working a real job instead of being Chris’s personal assistant (and yes–that is a real job—who else would mail his packages and make his morning coffee?) I would not be such an addict but truth be known—I am.  I log on constantly to see status updates and the latest items on Pinterest.  You never know what you will find on there that could be helpful.

I have reconnected with high school and even a grade school friend that I had lost track of many moons ago.  I have many blogger friends whose friendships have now leaked over into their personal Facebook pages as a result of following their blogs.  I have found it to be interesting to find out what all these folks are doing these days and see how my life parallels or does not parallel their lives.

The other day I searched for someone from my past.  (And what a deep dark past it is!) What I found was unexpected and while I found this person I did not click the “friend request requested” button. Perhaps I was a little scared that this person would think that I was of the stalking nature.  Perhaps I was a little scared how the request would be received.  Perhaps I decided that we had both moved on with our lives and our paths did not need to cross again in this lifetime.  Perhaps I am just being silly.   That is probably not a perhaps but a given.

It made me wonder if I am alone.  Have you ever reconnected with someone through social media and then regretted it???   I would love to hear your stories if you have them!!!  All things considered I think I am glad that I did not click that “send” button after all.


  1. I resisted Facebook for a long time. I find it interesting. I have mainly stayed with people I have met blogging. No family, I interact with them in real life. I have 8 friends.. 🙂 I keep it simple! I mainly find myself drawn to kitties and kitty people. I don’t know how that happened!!!

  2. Yep. A few times. In one case we remained friends, but never really connected and in the other case I finally unfriended. It’s not only about you, but how the person connects with your other friends and in this case this person just had awful people skills and offended one and all. So I clicked unfriend, blocked and never looked back. Oh, ok I felt awful for awhile, but I survived. I don’t usually send a friend request until I send a personal message (which I think FB now charges you a $1.00 for–if you are friends–sheesh)and we can kind of check one another out.
    Social Media is so much FUN!

  3. Still resisting Facebook and Twitter, but not blogging, as you know, blogger (real-life) friend.

  4. I remember when I switched from MySpace to Facebook, as most people did around that time. And how I slowly but surely made and found friends. For me the greatest part is that I have been able to reconnect with many of my school friends (yes, even elementary school) from Germany. So far, I haven’t regretted “making” any friends but I’ve had to unfriend and block a few when real life and social media life collided in a bad way. I don’t believe in airing out certain things online and believe certain things are meant to be private, unfortunately, some poeple don’t feel that way! My mom also resisted for a very long time and I finally got her on Facebook sometime last year, followed shortly by her first smartphone purchase. She’s very happy overall to have reconnected with some very dear old friends – but like me has reservations sometimes. My sister on the other hand is completely against social media and has made me remove pictures that included her when she found out about them…

    • I try to respect other people’s privacy , too. It would be hard to have a family member who did not want to have photos up —- that would limit me!!! I agree that there is sometimes drama that needs to not be aired on FBI!!!!

  5. I think what bothers me a little is when someone that you don’t have any idea who they are sends you a friend request.. I first try to see if there is a connection with mutual friends, and if not.. I don’t accept them. I’ve even got one from someone who is allegedly from facebook itself.. My wife has gotten messages from men that she doesn’t know, and that part can be scary/dangerous if you are a newbie to fb.

  6. Yes, I have. I am so very careful, now. I have had some bad experiences with Social network. You can’t go back. While it has many pros, it also has many cons. It is a blessing and a curse. Not everyone has good intentions.

  7. If I do not know the person I do not take them as a friend. I am low in friends but at leaslt I really know them and want to hear what they have to say.

  8. I can very much relate. I have reconnected with some high school friends on facebook and twitter. and one woman is also a blogger now too. but I don’t have 1500 friends like most of them do….I only follow people I actually was friends with back in the day.
    If I didn’t like you then…I am not sending a friend request now. and especially if you dumped me for the head cheerleading.
    or you know, something like that 🙂

  9. I’ve not gone looking for old friends. We weren’t that good of friends, apparently, or we’d still be in touch. Most of my Facebook contacts are family or new friends I’ve made through blogging.

  10. I can relate too. I haven’t connected with anyone I have regretted, but I have regretted accepting friend requests from some people in my office. I really like to keep my worlds separate

    • I can totally understand wanting to keep work and personal stuff separate—especially when it comes to Facebook. I think tha tis probably a very very good idea!

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