Friday Already????

It’s Friday Fun with Hilary at Feeling Beachie!!  Every week Hilary lists 4 statements for us to fill in on our own blogs!! This week cohost UTTLEY from UTTLEY’S TAKE came up with the last 2 statements!!  If you have some you would like to have included just let Hilary know!!!

This week’s statements:

1. If then____
2. ____ is my ___ of the ____
3. Once, I was surprised to find myself __________________.
4. To keep from going crazy, I _________.

My answers:

1. If it rains on Sunday then it will ruin our annual Mother’s Day picnic plans.   (Lame, I know–that was a hard one!)

2. Starbucks Blonde Roast  is my flavor  of the week.

3. Once, I was surprised to find myself  being reunited with my lost suitcase on a trip to Australia when it came back a week later on a totally different airline!

4. To keep from going crazy, I read a lot of great books.



  1. Good answers, even the first. Hey, that’s fair. It’s a holiday!

  2. On all the trips I have taken I have never lost my luggage. Did I just jinx myself?

    • I hope not!!! Mine used to get lost all the time but I have not lost one for awhile—-mostly because I get priority tags on them now. I think they handle them a bit better ….maybe.

  3. We’ve had to deal with a lost suitcase before too. We were going home from Berlin, via Duesseldorf and then Miami and one of the suitcases ended up going to Zurich and back to Germany and then came here a few days later with one of the gifts I brought back smashed to a million pieces. I thought, it was wrapped up so good… Man, I was mad!

    • Grrrr. That is maddening! I was so surprised that they actually found mine—it took 10 days . I flew back on Air New Zealand and my suitcase came on Qantas…..go figure that one out. I was happy because I had all these things from the US that I was missing in Australia!!!

  4. We had a suitcase from Italy return a week after we did on a family trip when I was a kid. How does that happen??

    I have a sample bag of Blonde roast that I haven’t tried yet. We definitely agree on #4!

    Happy Mother’s Day and I hope it stays dry!!

  5. looks like it will rain here too. which may ruin my gardening plans, but then again, it would nto be the first time I gardened in the rain. That suitcase had quite the adventure I bet.

    • Hoping for sunny skies for you!!!! And yes—the stories my suitcases could tell. They always seem to travel to places I don’t go! 🙂

  6. A picnic! Enjoy!

  7. Your annual Mother’s Day picnic? You need to blog about that. Alright?

    • Well it has always been what we did. Usually get some take out chicken and fixings and go find a park although the boys do not remember it as vividly as I would like them to……Sometimes we packed a picnic but since that was more work for me they opted for the drive thru stuff later—-not real exciting but we keep doing it just the two of us!

  8. I hope they sun shines brightly for you tomorrow!

  9. I love to read different kinds of books– romance, humorus, mystery, biography, religous, etc.

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