South of the Border

Everyone needs some tackiness in their life every now and then.  I was on a quest to find a tourist trap and find it I did!!!  On a trip to Charleston, SC I encountered the best example of tourist “trapiness” that I think I have ever experienced .  Right on the way on I 95 at the North Carolina/South Carolina line sits South of the Border.

I was driving at that point so I took my husband hostage and pulled off to explore all that Pedro had to offer weary travelers on their way to the beach, to Florida, or wherever their travels were taking them.  We were definitely not disappointed.

South of the Border boasts a motor hotel, 5 restaurants, an east and west Mexico shop , a service center and truck stop, a drug store, a leather shop, a campground, a firework store, an ice cream store, a tee shirt shop, a 22 story steel observation tower and arcade, a pantry, Myrtle Beach shop, Around the World shop, Reptile Lagoon, an antique and Christmas shop and Blenheim Ginger Ale’s home.  Yes, you could practically live at South of the Border and I suspect that some people do considering there is a campground.

I could not pick a favorite spot at this mecca of tacky but I suspect it was all of the wonderful animals that were perfect photo opportunities.   I am afraid that Chris grew a bit weary (he was hungry after all and not in the mood for any of the many options that Pedro had to offer) so our time there was probably not as long as “I” would have liked it to be but it was fun and a great way to break up the trip from Raleigh to Charleston.  After all –it did net me a teapot for my collection as I posted here.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know—have you ever been here????



















  1. Well, that looked fun! And I thought you meant Missouri!

  2. Virginia says:

    I took Mitchell, Allison and Leslie there the summer that Mitchell turned ten. It was a very memorable overnight stay!
    And, what is a good restaurant in Charleston? Walter and I are spending the night there on our way to Allison’s graduation this weekend.
    love you!

    • Oh my goodness —you actually stayed there??? More evidence of how amazing of a mom you are!!!
      Charleston places—-Micah would tell you Husk. We didn’t make it this last trip because we really did not go into Charleston much—we stayed mainly on Isle of Palms but he loved Husk.

  3. We think we have been there.. 🙂 Maybe breezed by???? Hey! What’s that about MissouREE???… 😆

  4. As we say in the southwest….You couldn’t want much more now could ya? Mecca of tacky, I love that! The pictures are great. Love the one of you kissing the flamingo. Next tacky trip, what about Graceland??
    Chris couldn’t find anything to eat? Really? I would have been in junk food heaven. I bet they even had Funonions!

    • Oh my goodness–Graceland would be another awesome place, wouldn’t it??? Hmmmm…..will have to think about that one.
      Yea, Chris was a bit particular that day. I think he had his heart set on some shrimp and grits or something.

  5. OH, I can see why you were excited about South of the Border. Tell Chris I could have spent hours here. Hours, I tell you. Lots of photo ops and you got some great shots, or should I say Chris got some great shots.

  6. Amy Prentice says:

    I got such a kick out of your pics. I can remember my parents and I drove to Florida when I was around 14 and we saw the signs advertising South of the Border……..I am talking “thousands” of signs……and I really wanted to stop there just out of curiosity However, my parents must not have wanted to stop at a tourist trap and thus, I never got the opportunity to tour this marvelous place! lol Thanks for sharing your visit!

    • I imagine it would be either a nightmare for the parents of young kids or make them the most popular mom and dad around!!! I don’t know if Chris would have gone for it when our kids were little!!!! 🙂 Glad I could give you a tour!

  7. That is too funny. I think, my hubby would have grown weary very fast as well. He doesn’t go for this type of stuff but I imagine I would have had a blast and the kids too. 🙂

  8. The flamingo photo is wonderful!!! Love those critters!! Reminds me of what can be found at Wall Drug!! Another life experience! Great post!!!! Hugs, D

  9. that looks like so much fun!!
    my husband says he drove past here on a trip to Florida years ago.
    I wanna climb that tower! what a view it must have.

  10. We’ve been through there, seems we stopped once (after reading a billion signs throughout NC–had to see what all the fuss was about). It might have been late, because I don’t remember seeing all the things you photographed.

  11. Looks like a fun stop!

  12. I can see the trapiness of this! You do look cute on the tortoise though!

  13. Gee tackiness personified. A Reptile lagon and a fireworks shop – a girl coudn’t ask for more.

  14. Looks like such an enjoyable place. So glad that it remains and you were able to share it with us. Thanks!

  15. It looks like a fun place to stop for a little while and take some good pictures, which you did!

  16. It looks like a good place to stop and take pictures, which you did!


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