One for All and All for One


I get very excited about this time every month and you know why!!!  It is time to tally up the comments on my blog for the past month and reveal how much money will be going to the “cause” of the month!!!  The month of April was designated to Megan Emerson for support of her work this summer at Carolina Cross Connection.  You can read all about it by clicking here.

I am thrilled to report that a donation of $205 will be made immediately to help fund Megan’s work this summer in North Carolina.   I am thrilled to be able to tell folks about her and about the great work that CCC does all year long.  Don’t forget to check out their website to get a little bit more info. 

It is also time to reveal the new cause for the month of May.  I have a list of several that will be included over the next few months but in light of all that has happened in our country during the last few weeks my thoughts and prayers have so often turned to those affected by the Boston Marathon explosions.  I have researched and there are many different places that money can be donated—to individuals, to families of those who were killed, for medical bills, for loss of employment costs, the list goes on.  There are so many places to donate and all seem so important but it is important to me to be able to give to a legitimate fund .  The One Fund Boston has been created to serve all of the families of the tragic bombing of April 15, 2013.  I have faith that this fund will be administered with the best interest of all those recipients AND donors in mind and so this month our “Comments for a Cause” will go to The One Fund Boston to help with the needs of the victims and family members.  It won’t be easy but the administrator has stated that he will do it as quickly and effectively as possible in this article .

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This will be the 25th month that we have done Comments for a Cause on It’s Just Life.  We have, together, supported 24 different causes—all worthy and all deserving.  It is my hope and prayer that I am able to raise some awareness and form some relationships through highlighting different causes.  I could not do it without you–my faithful commenters—who never cease to amaze me with your insight and your kindness!!!!  Thank you!



  1. Happy happy on the money donated for Megan Emerson! The One Fund Boston is an awesome choice.

  2. Great choice, Beth! Wonderful to be a part of making such a generous contribution to Megan Emerson. Kudos to you for doing the research and making it happen!

    • Thanks, Katybeth!!! I could see where all the possibilities were good but by giving to the big fund I think it will be administered correctly and maybe reach more people??? Hopefully!

  3. So thrilled for Megan’s fund!!! I think the “Boston” fund is a good one! Thank you for all your efforts, Beth Ann! Hugs……

  4. Happy 25th. What a blessing you have been to so many in need, Beth Ann.

  5. A very worthy cause. I have a friend in Boston and she is still somewhat reeling from all that has happened. all the police drama unfolded right outside her apartment and she was stuck in her place until it was all over. You are awesome Beth Ann!

    • Oh gosh—i hope that some of the money goes for counseling for people just like her who watched events unfolding. And I see from a recent news alert that the events are STILL unfolding—more folks maybe involved. Sigh.

  6. Boston thanks you Beth Ann.. A lot of money has already been donated by individuals, businesses, sports franchises etc. It is truly a great cause, there are so many people who were physically and emotionally injured in this heinous and unwarranted attack, who are, and who will be in need of financial assistance in so many ways. Thank you again for choosing “The One Fund” as your cause for the month of May.

    I believe that Governor Patrick has stated that the money will be distributed between June 30th and July 4th. I may be a bit off on those dates but I’m pretty sure that I’m close.. Thank you again and thanks to your multitude of readers for their continued contributions to “Comments for a Cause”.

    • I thought of you when I chose, I must admit. I think the funds will be given where they need to go the most and I can not begin to imagine all that need help in a variety of ways. Those millions will be gone before you know it I am afraid.

  7. Good job, Beth Ann!

  8. I think this is an awesome cause for the month of May! I feel particularly bad for the people maimed in the Boston bombings since so many lost limbs or parts of limbs & will need to pay for prosthetics in a lot of cases. This was such senseless destruction of people’s lives.

  9. I am so proud of you as you send the money so much needed to the different causes.

I love your comments--each one makes me smile and makes a difference for Comments for a Cause! Thanks!

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