Trout Don’t Live in Ugly Places





If you read yesterday’s post you read that for my birthday Chris booked a fly fishing trip for us.  We have talked about finding something that we both like to do outside together that would be a good thing to develop.  Chris loves to fish and has some great memories of fishing with his grandparents and his dad and until recently his fishing trips have been sporadic. We hope to start a habit–a good one.

Chris hooked up with Kent at Bear Creek Anglers and he was a very patient and skilled man!  I am grateful for his expertise and knowledge and I know a lot more about nymphs, emergers, wet flies, dry flies, backcasting, roll cast, and nail knots.  Not that I know it all ! Whew!  There is a lot to remember.  I would do okay for a bit and then completely forget everything he had showed me but Kent being the patient man that he is proved to be very tolerant of my newness and was encouraging even when I hooked him.

Yes, I did.  I drew blood.  I apologized profusely and he said it happens all the time but I suspect not……

So pictures of me and my fish are few and far between because after all, I was fishing!!!  Not photo taking!!!  Chris took one of me upstream.

Bethy fishing

Obviously in the instructional phase. But listening and learning!!!

I can hear you all asking—“Well–did you catch anything?”   Yes, yes I did!


Yep—I caught that little bub!!!  My one and only picture of what I caught and it was a blurry picture of a baby.  But rest assured—I did catch more and more and more.  I hooked 10 and landed 8 so that was fabulous for a first try.  Of course Kent led us to the prime spots and it was at the best time of the hatch of those wonderful mayflies so with the right fly I was hooking them left and right.  By the end of the 4 hours I had almost gotten into the rhythm and gotten the hang of it.  Most of my fish were brown trout that were probably 8-11 inches —although I did catch one larger rainbow trout.

My fish tales are tame and I would not insult the fish to pretend to have done better than I did but I had fun.  I didn’t fall into the water although I did get sucked into some mud along the way.  Since we were doing catch and release we tried not to stress the fish out too much and get them unhooked and back on their way.

Chris did well, too, and hooked 6 total—5 browns and 1 rainbow.  He was happy and it was really nice to get out together to do this.

I must admit I was a little stressed going  into it.  I had memories of failed piano lessons, failed golf lessons and my feelings of inadequacy were looming.  I also limited my coffee intake because you know it is harder for girls to get out of waders and heed the call of Mother Nature than boys.  Whew.

Chris is my biggest cheerleader and if I had hated it he would have understood but I didn’t and I don’t.   We will go again.  He is a good sport and a good teacher himself so next time we will probably go it alone.  HE will have to get me out of the rocks and get me untangled.  HE will have to net my fish because I certainly did not progress that far in skill level today!!!

Here are some pictures of my husband in action.






All in all a wonderful day with fish tales to tell—all fun and as my husband pointed out “trout don’t live in ugly places” .  A beautiful day in Iowa, finally.   Hit 73 degrees and beautiful sun today.  I am storing it up because reports are that on Thursday it is going to drop to 36 degrees……



  1. Well Beth Ann I think it sounds like a beautiful day outside in a beautiful place with soothing water. I am glad you enjoyed it. I have never been fly fishing but think it looks beautiful when someBODY is doing it.. 🙂 I do love to fish though and have caught my fair share of crappie which is abundant at the Lake of the Ozarks. It will be fun to hear about your next time!! I can tell you enjoyed it in your typed words.. 🙂

  2. sounds like such a fun day… I always actually wanted to go fishing. You would think that living where I do I’d just buy a pole already 🙂

    • Seriously!!! I used to fish occasionally with my brother growing up but haven’t done much at all since we got married. Chris always went with his dad but I wasn’t really interested. Now that we are getting older and thinking ahead about things to do together this seems like a good thing!!!

  3. This is great! Bill & I have always loved fishing. It is one of our favourite things to do. In fact we always have a friendly competition! To be out in nature, peace & quiet, and to fish is just the best! I am glad you like it too!

  4. Amy Prentice says:

    I loved reading and seeing all the pictures from your first fly fishing adventure! 36 years ago Dave introduced me to fishing……he was and still is very patient……and I still can get my share of snags in which he patiently untangles! I think it is a great husband and wife hobby and I love being out in the wildlife!

    • I agree!!! I think Dave has a lot of the same qualities of patience. It was good to go with a guide the first time out I think because he was really trying to teach me. I am thinking it will be a great thing to do for a long time!!!

  5. Beth Ann, I loved this story for so many reasons. The humor (hooking the teacher), the love (b/n you and Chris), the try-something-new, your overcoming your inadequacies (ie. golf, I would have felt the same), your enjoyment of the outdoors and, finally, the great head “Trout don’t live in ugly places.” Excellent post, except for that 36-degree temp mention, which we shall not discuss more.

    • Sorry—-I ruined the post with that reference, didn’t I??? I am sooooo anxious for this weather to stay!!! Of course we are headed to SD on Thursday from the delayed trip because of the snow so it figures, right???? Grrr….

  6. It is a pretty place. Glad you enjoyed your fishing experience.

  7. What, no trout filets over an open campfire? Well maybe next time!

  8. I have done some fishing in my younger days as our farm was next to the river. That was done with a pole, no fly fishing. I enjoyed your pictures.

  9. Looks like a beautiful and fun adventure. I’ve never been fly fishing and can only imagine that it takes a little more than fishing at the lake here. 🙂

  10. I missed your birthday, I am so sorry! I’m glad you had a great day & were able to do something with Chris. My mother felt the same way, so she took golf lessons & until her rheumatoid arthritis put a stop to it, they golfed together as much as possible.

  11. Looks like you had a good time. I used to go fishing with hubby but I would sit in the boat and read while he fished. Sometimes at a a really good part in the book or magazine, I would read out loud to him. The amazing thing is that’s when he would get a bite. It was obvious to me that fish enjoy good writing and came closer to listen.

    • I love this and I think this is what will eventually happen if we go boat fishing! Chris is fine with me just reading, too but I wanted to give it a go!

  12. What a great fish tale! I had to giggle tho, one of my dearest friends was talked into sky diving after the kids were gone and her hubby was looking to for ways to spend more time together….followed by scuba diving….yep, still married, but spending a lot more time on the beach sipping cocktails with umbrellas. She earned it!!
    I could also relate to that anxious feeling about learning something new…I so want to “get it,” that I often stop listening…and ski over the instructor, or something like that.
    Proud to know a fly fisher-women! You go girl! Looking forward to more fish stories!

    • It was pretty funny. I am sure he thought I was an idiot–especially after I hooked him in the cheek—but he earned his money and I did actually get the hang of it by the end. It helped the fish were biting and we were in great spots thanks to him. And the hubby is hooked, so to speak. He is planning all these trips now…..

  13. Awesome post! I cannot tally the endless hours I’ve spent, inexpertly winging a fly at trout, and I’ve NEVER regretted the time I spent doing it! It is a healing activity, and I hope you are able to make repeat performances…

    You are right, trout generally do NOT live in ugly places (although some of the places we stock trout, in Yuma, would perhaps not fit the bill of “non-ugly,” to the uninitiated; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all…).

    I’ve an observation, that I feel is worth passing on… I’ve only fished for trout in the western U.S., and every stream in which I’ve experienced great fishing, has American dippers (also known as “water ouzels”) in residence. My favorite bird, ever! They aren’t flashy, but they are WAY cool. All grey, kind of robin-sized and shaped, although a little more robust. Somehow, they swim and walk around on the bottom of fast-flowing streams, searching for the nymphs and other invertebrates that also are a diet staple of trout. If you see dippers, you are probably in a pretty healthy stream. If you are interested, check out the American dipper on Wikipedia, you won’t be disappointed…

    • American dippers, you say?? Well I am headed to find out more. And by the way… husband is now officially addicted and going to try to reel you in at Lakeside…..


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