Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Today is THE day.  I am going fly fishing for the very first time.  Chris is very excited.  I am less excited probably because I have memories of golf lessons with Bill Bopple (yep–that was really his name) and how those went.  You know it is not a good sign when the golf pro is still showing golf club holding on lesson three…..I may be a slow learner.

These are pictures of where we are going to be fishing outside Decorah, Iowa.






decorah 3





This is a pic of me in my sexy new waders at Fleet Farm!waders

And these are what I hope to catch!!!  Nah–these are at the Fish Hatchery but who knows??????






  1. Can’t wait to hear about this!

  2. Decorah is a beautiful town.. good luck and be careful. The waters are running high.

  3. Joanna graham says:

    Have a fantastic day and I hope you catch some dinner while Chris makes the cake with 29 candles on it!

  4. woo hoo sexy momma!

  5. Good luck. Let us know how you do.

  6. LOL – whoo-hoo!! love the waders. And love to fish too.

  7. I can hardly wait to hear the results of your new adventure. Leave a few fish for the other fishers.

  8. Is it your birthday and you have not told us? You look quite fashionable, my dear. Can’t wait to hear the fish stories. I’d simply enjoy the environment. Looks quite peaceful. As for golf, I nearly failed it in college. That’s how good I was at the game.

    • Yep!!! Sure enough today was the big birthday!! It was a beautiful perfect day for fishing and I had a good time!! And Chris did too so it was a win win!!

  9. Love Decorah!! Go there often (not that far from my home!! and has a very excellent quilt shop, amongst ,many other neat shops and eateries). Went for a (motor)cycle ride this afternoon. Hit as many twisty roads as I could on the way to Lanesboro then back to Houston on Hwy. 16 then home. Many many trout fishermen along the Root River. We have “tons” of trout streams around here….too many to count!! But not my “cup of tea”. Prefer lake fishing. Hope you had a good time…the day was perfect!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  10. Olive drab is definitely your color.. Even the trout think so, they were fighting to get on your line..

  11. The right clothes, the right location, the right attitude…kind of….Inquiring minds want to know…how big a fish did you catch?

  12. Hope you had fun. You rock those hip waders my dear!!

  13. You look really cute in your waders! Not my idea of a good time, but hope you enjoy yourself!

  14. So I am reading in comments that you had a great day! It looks like yesterday was birthday day? Happy Birthday to you Beth Ann!!

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