Does Anyone Really Know What Time it Is??? It’s Friday in Chicago!


Last night Chris and I started the weekend early by going to a Chicago concert at the Surf Ballrooom in Clear Lake, Iowa. The Surf is a fabulous venue and I can only imagine how fabulous it would be to be performers playing there with all of the history that goes with it.  We have only been there once before for a BB King concert but it is an amazing place to go to a concert.  The venue is small —the only seats are booths around the perimeter so the rest of the capacity crowd of 2100 is standing on the floor right up next to the stage.  It is amazing to be able to be that close to the performers and to really feel a part of the music.

We were definitely not the oldest in the crowd for this group—that is for sure. Chicago formed in 1967 and has been going strong since.  So many of the songs they played were ones Chris and I grew up with and loved, danced to at high school sock hops and as always—the songs carry many memories with them.  chi2

The night was perfect and we had a great night.  They performed for 2 1/2 hours with a 15 minute break.  We had carved out a nice little spot about 15 feet from the stage but by the end of the concert our real estate was much smaller thanks to the enthusiastic crowd that pushed forward.  I could have done without the blonde next to me who kept whistling and stomping on my feet but it was all part of the charm.  🙂  chi3

I didn’t take many pictures on my phone (they were very gracious and said that any pictures and videos taken were a okay with them) but you can kind of get the idea from these.  It was a fun night and my hearing may be normal in a couple of days.

Here is a video to get you humming.  My video quality was pretty shaky!!!  🙂

Of course it is Friday which means it is blog hop day over at Feeling Beachie .  Hop over and join in!

This week’s statements:
The color __ reminds me of ___
Lately ___ is ___ so ___
Does the sound of breaking glass make you ___________?
When I wander _______ I ______?

My answers:

The color blue  reminds me of my best friend, Ann, who loves anything blue!
Lately the weather  is cold and so unpredictable.
Does the sound of breaking glass make you look?
When I wander the grocery store aisles I wonder who eats half of this stuff?


  1. I love, love, love Chicago. One of my all-time favorite bands. I tried to win tickets last week from a radio station to the band’s Sunday night performance in Rochester. But, alas, I was too quick on the numbers. I was caller three instead of caller five. So happy you and Chris were able to attend.

    Is the Iowa venue the place where Buddy Holly played right before his death, or was going to play? Your description seems familiar.

    And…, the color green (my favorite) reminds me of nature.

    • Oh man–I wish I had known that you loved them! We would have invited you to go with us!!! It was a fabulous concert and being The Surf is such a great place to see bands because you are so close. And yes—The Surf is the last place Buddy Holly played before that fateful plane crash. I really need to go there in the day when it is open to view and take some pics—it is too hard at night at a concert! It is a really neat place. If you ever come to visit me we have a lot of places to go!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to start a weekend. Hope the rest is as exciting.

  3. Sounds like an awesome time. I remember seeing the Beach Boys when I was in college and thinking how old they all looked. 🙂

  4. Love Chicago! Those were the days. Can’t keep my feet from dancin’ when I hear them on the radeeohhhhh!!!

  5. Love Chicago. The music does take you back to another place in time. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! FUN!

  6. All I have to say is……TOTAL ENVY!!! Thank you for listening…..D

  7. So awesome!! I bet they gave a great concert. What a great start to the weekend.
    I’ve often stood in a grocery aisle staring at something and thought the same thing. then one of my children inevitably asks if we can buy it. *eye roll*

  8. There’s nothing like a live concert! My favourite form of entertainment by far. 🙂 We’ve had way too much cold weather also. Have a good weekend.

  9. marc and I have seen Chicago several time.. they are amazing! I wonder the same thing about the grocery store. I always check out people’s carts too

  10. I have been looking in my kitchen cupboards and wondering why did I buy that? Today I finished one box which was almost empty. So, I am wondering why I bought some of these groceries. My aim is to use what I can and ditch what I no longer want. I love the color yellow because I think of daffodils, sunflowers and sunshine.

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