10 Ways to Turn Your Day Around

  1. Start your day with your favorite beverage.  If that beverage is alcoholic you may want to save that for later in the day but a good cup of coffee or tea made just the right way or gotten from your favorite coffee shop is a winner!
  2. Take a walk or run outside!!!  Even if the weather is less than perfect (which is about 90% of the time where I currently live) there is something about getting out in the great outdoors that turns my sad into glad.
  3. Have a good long cry and pity party.  Then toss the kleenex in the trash, declare that it is a new moment in time and move on!
  4. Call a trusted friend.  Sometimes you just need to hear a friendly voice and reconnect with another human being who understands you.
  5. Turn up the music LOUD!   This never seems to lose its charm for me—it works, trust me!  Even if it is a sad song with sad memories it will allow you to embrace the emotions of the day and move on!
  6. Eat ice cream.   No more explanation needed here!
  7. Read a book. Start in on one that you have been meaning to read forever and just dig in.
  8. Look for something that you lost or misplaced.  This will definitely redirect your attention!
  9. Clean something.  Once again –redirected attention tends to make one feel better.  The satisfaction of having something clean or cleaned out is a physical activity that actually shows tangible proof of change and effort when completed.
  10. Do something nice for someone else.   Focus outward instead of inward.  Allowing time to wallow in your own funkiness for a bit is fine and understandable but for long lasting satisfaction and the chance to turn a cruddy day into something terrific there is nothing like doing something for someone else.   It absolutely works!


  1. Good suggestions here. I usually try to take a walk outdoors every day and focusing on others definitely helps make a day better. Also petting and playing with my cats always improves my mood as does singing praises to God.

  2. Oh yeah! I like these.. 🙂 #5 is a favorite and always works for me! #2!! Great 10 ways Beth Ann to save a day that feels like it’s going to tube!

  3. A walk is my go too. And I am sipping a coke as I type. My morning was complicated, coke always refreshes me. :-D. Great tips. Thanks!

  4. Ahem, I am thinking right now of one specific person who was in a rather funky mood about a week ago. Great advice from one of the most caring people I know, YOU. Love and hugs.

  5. Excellent tips, Beth Ann. I agree with all of them and do most of these things myself. I’ve been doing some serious “Spring” cleaning here for the past week or so… one thing a day and making some nice progress. It’s such a nice feeling when you are done and can look at what you accomplished. I’ve been needing to find order somewhere as other parts of my life are a bit unordered and confusing right now and by keeping busy I don’t worry quite as much.

    • Oh I totally know what you mean about getting the spring cleaning done and what a sense of accomplishment that is!!! Good for you!!! Hope all the other things come together so you can put that worry to rest!!!

  6. I think that #11 should be; read some poetry. I know of this great site at wordpress.com it’s called poemsandpo… What? Ah okay, nevermind….lol

  7. Love your list! Number 11 on my list – do my nails in some funky color!

  8. All on your list are good. I would add another that might be good–have a little time for a talk with God.

    • See–everyone is thinking of ones that I left off—-I do that when I do my walk!!!! I probably should have put that at number 1, right? 🙂

  9. this is a fantastic list.
    and around here: a dollop of Bailey Irish Creme in your morning coffee is perfectly acceptable.
    but I ain’t cleaning anything…. no need to go crazy. LOL

  10. I used to snuggle Bandit & have a good cry when I was having a bad day. Just another reason to miss him!

  11. These are tried and true!

  12. These are perfect suggestions. They all work. Another one is smile at everyone you meet, even if you don’t feel happy. Soon you will feel happy and so will everyone you smiled at.

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