Teapot Tuesday

Another animal themed teapot—this one came from Pier One on sale!!!



Happy Number 28 to our oldest son!!!  Love you heaps, Micah!





  1. Happy Birthday Micah!!!

  2. Happy 28th, Micah! If you’re anything like me, Beth Ann, your child’s birthday is almost as special as your own. We are so blessed, aren’t we, to have these children of ours?

  3. Happy Birthday to the Oldest Son!
    That teapot is darling.. 🙂 Love the color. So now I have seen a camel and an elephant you have collected! AND I just now see your teapots tab up there.. 😀

  4. Happy BIRTH DAY to you Beth! I am a huge fans of elephants so naturally I love this t-pot. And it looks like such a happy elephant!

  5. Happy Birthday to Micah. Love this teapot. I love elephants… 🙂

  6. Amy Prentice says:

    Another unique teapot……love it Beth Ann! Happy #28 to Micah……hard to believe our boys are this age……where did the time go?

  7. Love the elephant one!!
    And happy birthday wishes to Micah!

  8. Your elephant teapot is just so different and well made. I cannot believe that Micah is 28. My grandchildren are all grown up and many miles away. Happy Birthday Micah,

    • Thanks—I know what you mean. How can I have a son who is 28? And I bet you are thinking “how can my youngest child be turning 53 soon???” TIme flies

  9. Hi Beth Ann,
    Pier One is my favorite store! Love this and Happy Birthday to your son! I hope he has heaps of fun today!

  10. Love those tea pots! This one is especially appealing for some reason. The way the color is applied, I think, is the reason. Those b’day numbers can be somewhat astonishing sometimes!! But such a joy to celebrate!!! Hugs, Doreen

  11. Happy birthday Micah. I really like the elephant teapot. It appears to be a little size, so cute enough for two cups of tea.

  12. Becky Miracle says:

    Happy Birthday to Micah!!!!! I remember that bright eyed little boy! He’s grown into a handsome young man.

  13. I like this one, of course, because it’s an animal. How many animal ones do you have? Perhaps you could have a post showing them all and let readers vote for their favorite!

    • I don’t really have that many animal ones really. My collection is pretty varied—a lot of red since that is my favorite color. Good idea about the post!

  14. Cute! I love when the spout is a natural part of the item – and what more perfect than an elephant’s trunk!!

  15. Ok, we must have been BFFs in another life or maybe even sisters! I don’t own this teapot but my tea was served in it at a local coffee shop recently. I posted it on my blog. Too funny!! http://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/the-lion-and-lamb-theory/

  16. Happy birthday to Micah. That’s one cute teapot!

  17. Happy Birthday and what a cute teapot.

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