I’m A People Person!

Image taken from uberhumor.com

Image taken from uberhumor.com

Recently a blogger friend, Karen,  posted a Personality Test result  on her blog over on one of her blogs.  I first found Karen at Grab a Book From Our Stack where she and her husband read and review quite a number of books. They have a couple of blogs and the fact is that I got the Comments for a Cause idea from them a couple years ago!   I don’t visit there as often as I used to but I still enjoy reading what they post every now and then!   On this particular day when I surfed over there Karen had taken a “personality” quiz and came up with her results.  Of course she offered the link for the rest of us to go check out and I had to do that.

My results are below.  No big surprises so I guess I answered the questions appropriately.  Take the quiz if you want–the link follows my “results”.  Let me know if you are a people person, too!!!

You are a people person. You value personal connections, and you don’t quite feel like yourself if you haven’t gotten a ‘friend fix’ recently. You are very emotional, and you don’t hide your feelings from others. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and let everyone know what you’re feeling.

You tend to be charming and quite popular. Even if people doesn’t seem to like you at first, they usually come around and warm up to you.
You are persuasive and influential without trying to be… although sometimes you try to be! People are often convinced by your actions, words, or example.

You love to tell stores, and you’re quite a storyteller. You have animated facial expressions and gestures when you talk.
You are trusting and optimistic. You believe in people, and by doing this, you bring out the best in them.


  1. hmm… i didn’t need quiz results to tell that about you 🙂

  2. Audrey Kletscher Helbling says:

    Hmmmm, you are a “people person?” I am so (not) surprised.

  3. Well, that sounds like you! I took it and think mine was pretty accurate, too. I am “grounded”, but in a good way!

  4. Really doesn’t surprise me. You are a people person, I can tell that even though we haven’t met in person!!! 🙂

  5. They so nailed you there… I think you are the prime example of the saying “There are no strangers, only friends that you haven’t yet met.” And I’m so glad to be one of them.

  6. You deflnitely are a people person and I think that is good.

  7. I just found out that I am “Organized” Although if they looked at my den, or the closet as I call it, they probably would have to change that opinion..

  8. I’m social and easily distracted. Thank you, very much. Count on a People Person to lead you astray and down the path of procrastination. Ok bye. Thanks that was FUN.

  9. Nothing about your results surprises me at all – I could have told you all of that PLUS you are kind, thoughtful & giving.

  10. Yup, that’s me too. I’m a people person according to the test. Why am I not surprised that we are both “people persons”?

  11. This definitely describes you.

  12. Thanks for the shout out! I think I was grounded if my memory serves me right. Glad you enjoyed the quiz. Looks like it pegged you perfectly! You are for sure a people person.

  13. Came over from Odd…..thank for ‘reading’ my shoes! 🙂 Katie (the dog) and I smiled. Have a good Tuesday!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Dawn, and taking the time to comment! I loved your shoes!!! They look like something I would wear and I absolutely fell in love with Katie!!! Thanks for playing!

  14. I don’t know you super well, YET. But I am thinking that the test got it right. You are a people person. I am off to do the test. I love these things. I think I am a people person and a loner.. 🙂 I mean I am probably the only person on Facebook hiding there and not friending. I am just snooping.. 🙂 Off to take the test…..

  15. I took your little quiz, wondering how scientifically sound the results would be…. I don’t know that it really has reliability and validity, but I agreed with my results 🙂

  16. mollieandalfie says:

    Off to do the test 🙂 xxx

    Mollie and Alfie


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