Panda Fun and Friday Fill In Fun

I dare you to watch this video and not smile and maybe even giggle out loud!!!! Such fun!

Time for Hilary’s blog hop over at Feeling Beachie!!  Join in the fun and answer the fill in the blanks!!!  She is always looking for more statements so if you have any ideas let her know!!!  But now….on with this week’s statements!

This week’s statements:
1. I hate __
2. I used to love playing _____ as a kid
3. Common sense says ______, but I tend to ____________
4. Once, I was surprised to find myself __________________.

My answers:
1. I hate bullying of any kind.
2. I used to love playing Red Rover as a kid.
3. Common sense says my body is getting older, but I tend to be in denial about that.
4. Once, I was surprised to find myself face to face with a poisonous brown snakeYou can bet I did an about face very quickly.


  1. How can it be another Friday????!!!!!???? Seems like every time I turn around I am reading your “Feeling beachie” posts!! LOL! Chunks of my life are falling away! Just teasing…..on this snowy day in S.E. MN (Ugh!). This weather has somewhat clogged my brain!!! On to quilting! to clear it out!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. I LOVE pandas, too cute. And yes, I did smile. 🙂 Thanks. I don’t like bullying either, especially since my son was bullied in his old school — so sad. Also, snakes —eewww, I would have run. Have a good weekend.

    • Sorry to hear that your son was bullied—it is an awful thing, isn’t it? Especially as a parent when you feel that you want to protect your kids from everything!!!! Have a great weekend, Susi!

  3. Bullying is really a crime. Don’t know how to stop it though.

  4. Oh, those pandas are so cute. My childhood teddy bear was a panda, named Andy.

    I hate bullying, too. (I was going to type “snow,” but that seemed too shallow.)

    So I will answer the second question by writing: I used to love playing in the snow as a kid.

  5. The pandas did make me laugh and my Hubby watched them too!

  6. red rover! I love that game…

    Red rover, red rover, send beth ann over!

  7. I totally agree with number three!

  8. Those pandas were sure cute! I love the simple pleasure of children & animals!

  9. I love the video with those cute Pandas having just a great time. Yes, I smiled a lot.

  10. Red Rover!! A childhood favorite! I’m not sure who sings it, but I love the Country Western song line, “i’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was….”

  11. The pandas looked like they were having fun. And then all congregated at the bottom of the slide, and like all kids, have to climb back up the slope! The one getting bumped and tumbling all the way off was too funny. Or was that a stunt double? I try to deny #3, but it gets harder every day.

  12. cutest thing ever!!! I want one.
    my mom once jumped on my back because a garden snake passed in front of us. a garden snake all of maybe 6 inches long….and not poisonous. we don’t have any here.
    I was 7 years old…not sure what mom thought I’d to help her. especially since I caught it and kept it in a shoebox in my room.
    no kidding. LOL

    • A garden snake? Really? Poor mom!!! They are pretty common around here but I would not have kept it in a shoebox. My brother would have—he was always bringing stuff home. Explains why he is a wildlife biologist, I guess!

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