Wordless Wednesday



TAKEN APRIL 16, 2013



  1. one day maybe spring will actually spring…

  2. Winter of what year? It has been Spring for a month!

    • Hush, McGuffy Ann! Not here!!! 🙂 Snow flurries predicted for Friday….

      • I’m trying to help send you good vibes!! We are actually expecting 4″ or more of rain here! Last week I left WI in a rainstorm, got to Denver in a snowstorm, and Phoenix right after a duststorm…all in the same day! Weird weather!

        • Yea we are to get a couple inches today but right now there is a very light wintry mix going on .

          • We got 9″! Way too much in way too short of a time. I think our drought is over. We are very flooded in NE IL!

            • Oh good grief!! I knew Chicago got blasted with it—we woke to a dusting of snow but not much more, thank goodness. The rain has been relentless but not like what you guys have gotten. The Twin Cities got lots of snow. I am trying to not complain….but not doing too well.

  3. Hopefully, they’ll open soon and you get to enjoy sitting in the sunshine outside!!! 🙂

  4. How’s that for “Global Warming”? I’m posting for you folks today..

  5. It looks like spring doesn`t want to come for many parts this year!

  6. Do these people not know that it is Spring? Oh, Beth Ann, can we possibly endure another wintry mix? Nothing happening here. Yet. But grey skies. Again.

    • I am about at my wits end…..we will see what Friday brings.
      I am holed up in my office watching birds and working on cards. That ought to help…a bit.

  7. Becky Miracle says:

    YUCK! Snow snow go away and don’t come back another day! Wishing for some warm summer weather for you soon!

  8. We are going down to 32 tomorrow night. I am hoping Spring finds its way to you and us! Those patio doors need to be unlocked and let Spring do its thing!!!!!!!!!

  9. It won’t be long now! Hold on!

  10. We were to have rain but we have had sunshine and it is almost warm. I wore a sweater part of the day and I went into town for groceries.

  11. Rain, Thunder, Lightening, Oh my. Cold, too. We can not give up hope. This too shall pass. Right?

  12. Who knew. It’s finally warmed up here in Kentucky.

    Sorry to have been away so much recently. I’ve been busy moving, moving, moving. We leave for Ecuador two weeks from today!

    I promise an actual post tomorrow! It’s been nearly two months since I’ve written. Yikes! I’ve missed your posts, Beth Ann!


    • Great to hear from you! I have been thinking about you wondering how things were going with the move!! Such excitement. Can’t wait to read all about it!!! Take care!

  13. I need this sign for my balcony doors so Att will stop bugging me during the winter.

  14. no patios open up here yet.
    well, except to smoke because its against the law to smoke inside. basically the smokers have been outside all winter. ha.

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