It Twas the Spring of my Discontent

My apologies to Shakespeare but it is in actuality the spring of my discontent. I usually am a roll with the punches, go with the flow, live in the moment kind of gal. But this spring has left me discontent. It has made me whine and I don’t like it when I whine. Nobody else does either.

April should be a month of rain, yes, but lovely refreshing rain and tender green plants shooting up from the ground. Instead April has been unpredictable and cold. The birds are confused. They don’t know if they should be building nests or flying south. It has been hard to plan what to wear for the day.

Perhaps my spring of discontent has been even worse because I am realizing once again that I am no longer a spring chicken. My body is telling me this as well as my mirror. Last week my ankle was bothering me. It does that from time to time—sometimes I think it is probably arthritis but I not really sure. Last week it was worse than it had ever been and I finally took time to look at it and this is what I saw.


Not that I know how I got that nice lovely bruise which actually looked worse as the days wore on. No wonder it hurt!

Then the allergies hit and those morphed into a massive headache and aches which then morphed into continued headache and a horrible cough. You know it is bad when the husband says lovingly “you need to go get some cough syrup” which translates to “I really want to get at least an hour of sleep tonight”. Day 3 and hopefully I am on the road to health but now weekend plans have been changed as another big storm is set to come through. Though it looks as if we are not going to get the quantity of snow that they first thought we were to get–the place we were headed is set to get 12-20 inches of snow so we nixed that trip .


So what do I do in this spring of my discontent???? Try to get out of the doom and gloom that I find myself in. Try to dig myself out of this hole I am in . Try to get healthy by drinking lots of fluids and cuddling my kitties, who by the way, have been the perfect bedmates as I recoup. kitties


My apologies to all who I have neglected to respond to in comments or read your blogs. With a pounding head it has been hard to do much reading but I will be back at it and soon the spring of my discontent will morph into the summer of contentment and busyness!!! Thanks for coming along for the ride!




  1. silly girl… apologizing? you need to just cuddle buddy & holly and get better!

  2. You know if I lived next door, I would be waiting on you hand and foot! Feel better soon!

  3. Take a nap with Buddy and Holly. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Ouch for that ankle! You’d think you’d remember however it happened. We are on our second day of snow, RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    • You guys are getting slammed up there—-I saw pictures and it is way worse than us!!! And if anyone had a spring of discontent it is you!!!! Hope Tom is doing better every day!!!

  5. Amy Prentice says:

    Oh Beth Ann…if you makes you feel any better, our weather hasn’t been too great until this week! It’s a late spring this year! Cuddle those kitties and hoping you will feel much better soon!!!

  6. Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry you are feeling physically unwell on top of the emotional discontent. The situation can only improve all around, correct? Hugs.

    • Oh definitely! I woke up with almost no voice today but less coughing so hopefully this thing is on its way out!!! I didn’t mean to complain but I guess I did!!! 🙂

  7. I think April and May (often)are the cruelest of months because we have expectations. No one thinks it will be warm in January in our part of the country at least. It’s hard. Your ankle looks so sore and a cough is the pits. Poor Beth! ♥

    • You are right. April is so fickle. I should know that. There is snow on the ground here but not as much as predicted so I am happy about that. where we were headed this weekend, however, has an inch of ice along with tons of snow so good decision to cancel that trip!

  8. Chicken soup! That’s what you need! And there will be those who say “it’s all in your head” but you just look right back at them and say ‘NO!’, it’s in my ankle, etc!!!!! (Sorry, just a wee bit of humor?). I pray you feel better soon……just don’t rely on a weather change to help!! Ugh! Uber hugs, D

    • Humor definitely helps!!! I woke up with not as much voice this morning but less coughing and I actually slept with my friend Mr. Nyquil so hopefully today will be my last day of feeling gross!!! I can do it!!!

  9. Ouch! that looks very painful.
    stay in bed and get better soon! especially with 2 such cuddle buddies to keep you company!

  10. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather, so to speak, Beth Ann. I hope you are feeling better now.

    I’m also noticing a lot of aches and pains that weren’t there so long ago. In fact I just called the doctor this morning to see about my foot. I also think it could be arthritis, but don’t want it to get any worse if there is something I can do to help it.

    We are growing older, my friend. But we’re getting better. 🙂

    • Thanks, Christine!!! I think it has hit me the past couple of years and part of it is that I just need to get back into eating a lot healthier again. And exercising more…sigh. But first I need to kick this whatever it is !!! I will get there. The weather does not help my outlook….

  11. Did I just read that you needed to “KICK whatever it is?” Maybe that’s how you got the bruise on your ankle in the first place! Next time use a blunt instrument and just try to beat whatever it is you have! Good luck and get well soon..

    • Haha! I suspect my ankle incident involved a malfunctioning suitcase handle on the last trip and I just forgot that I hit my ankle during the malfunction…..

      • Well I hope it gets better really soon..You may have to “toe the line” or “foot the bill” so get “instep” with your “sole” mate, and “heel” up fast.. I could go on and on.. Oh, nevermind I already have.. lol

  12. Come back to Florida!!!! Hope you feel better soon and that Winter will finally leave and Spring can start for real!!! 🙂 xoxo

  13. I really think the weather is causing many of us to slow down and hurt more than usual. I had two days I could hardly move without pain. I went to my yoga class and I felt some better. Get well soon. Wish I lived closer so I could help you.

  14. Beth Ann hope you get to feeling better pronto! Those little aches and pains things that happen to us as we get older are no fun! Aww your kitties.. 🙂 32 degrees for us tonight and we didn’t get past 40 today~Spring in Missouri, no I don’t think so.

  15. What adorable cats! I’m sure they are giving you lots of good compnay. Yukky weather always puts me in a bad mood. Your ankle looks like mine when I broke it. Are you sure you don’t need it looked at? I walked on mine for two weeks until I had it x-rayed and found out it was broken. One operation, 7 screws and 8 months later, it still hurts. I stopped complaining a couple of months ago. Sending hugs and smiles that you are feeling better soon. XO

    • Oh man, Darlene, that sounds horrible! Mine is fine—just badly bruised but getting better every day! Thank goodness. Your experience sounds horrible!!!

  16. The kitties look snuggly, and don’t take up TOO much room. 🙂 Their warmth probably comes in handy when it is cold, with those little motors purring. I hope you feel better soon. Thunderstorms are the order of the day for us on Friday.

  17. Oh, you poor dear! Your ankle looks like it would really hurt, no wonder you’re feeling down. My allergies kicked in just this morning. I woke up with the sinus congestion & headache. But I did hear a lot more geese flying over today so spring MUST be on its way!

  18. Becky Miracle says:

    Ouchie for the ankle….it looked really bad. Hope you are on the mend. I think it’s just time for a For Sale sign in BOTH of our yards and a one way plane ride to the south!

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