Wordless Wednesday

I don’t think this truck can take one more Iowa winter……




  1. um…. that looks like it took longer than this winter to look that way!

  2. Poor thing! But it looks alot like the trucks that use the farm road in front of the Tiny Ten. At least he has that color coordinated bug deflector to keep the hood looking good.. 😀

  3. Wow. And I thought my first car was rusty! It was nowhere near this bad… 🙂

  4. You think that is bad? You should see the driver!

  5. Bet there is a piece of cardboard or plywood for floorboards!!! Reminds me of some of the farm trucks from years ago in good ol’Central NY!

  6. Oh I bet it does. It has character!

  7. But, hey, if it runs and there are no holes in the floor… Just sayin. We had a van that was rusting quite a bit, too, but not as bad as this truck. My husband still misses that van, which we sold in 2011. It never really gave us any trouble and we had it for a long, long time. Of course, it helps that Randy is an automotive machinist and keeps our vehicles running in tip top shape.

  8. that’s what the back door of our van looked like. we just had it replaced.
    not sure why the back though? doesn’t the front hit more more snow, rain etc, when you drive?

  9. This looks like many of the vehicles on the road in Ontario. Almost as bad in Alberta but they use a little less salt & a little more sand on the roads.

  10. It makes my old car look pretty good after seeing this picture.

  11. Hmmmm, I wonder if you can watch the pavement go by through the floor?????

  12. Cars kept near the oceanfront get that same disease. Salt is rough on them.

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