High Five for Comments for a Cause!

Today is the start of a new month and no April Fool’s jokes here!!! Just happy to be moving into spring, hopefully, and some nicer weather. We still have big snow piles from the plowing but hopefully those all will be gone by week end.

My cause for March–-Care of Creation and Brittany Ederer is done for the month  and I am happy to report that a donation of $224 is going to help fund Brittany’s work at this wonderful organization.  I was so happy to “find” her and be able to be a small part of this great work that she is doing. Way to go, Brittany!!!  High fives all around!

April brings a new cause and I am thrilled to announce that the cause for this month is one that is near and dear to my heart but most importantly—the person who “we” will be helping is a wonderful friend from my days at Epworth UMC in Concord, NC.  Megan Emerson was in the youth group when I started working at the church–her parents became good friends and I had the privilege of watching Megan grow in her faith while I was there.  One of the great things that this church supported was a ministry called Carolina Cross Connection.  In a nutshell CCC has existed for 25 years and offers opportunities for groups to be in mission serving others in many different areas.  Participants can spend time building ramps, renovating bathrooms and kitchens and doing all kinds of projects that enable folks to live a little bit better quality of life.  Their website here will show you a bit of what they do.  Not only do they offer summer weeklong experiences there are also opportunities for year round  local days of service within local communities and I am thrilled to say that one of my friends, Jen Hedrick, is now part of this wonderful ongoing outreach to back yard neighbors who need a hand up.

Megan will be the Service Week Lead Program Coordinator this summer and part of her responsibility is to raise a portion of her salary through “partnerships”. That is what we will be doing for Comments for a Cause this month.  Below please read Megan’s own words about her summer plans.

Megan Emerson

Megan Emerson

Well hey ya’ll! My name is Megan Emerson and I am from Concord, NC. My lovely home church is Epworth UMC. I go to school in Boone and when I am not there, I live with my mom and dad, Lisa and Jim, and our 90-pound German Shepherd Curly. This year I am junior at Appalachian State University, GO MOUNTAINEERS! I am working towards a degree in Public Relations with a minor in General Business. I hope to go into Community Relations with a sports team like the Carolina Panthers Football team or the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey team. CCC has been a major part of my life since 2006 when I went on my first trip to Camp McCall. This summer will be my eighth in ministry with CCC! In 2008, I was a J-Staff at Camp Carolwood for two weeks and last year I was a Program Coordinator at Camp Carolwood four years later! Being a J-staffer was what set my mind to being on staff and who would’ve thought that I would have the opportunity to not only be on staff one summer but two!

This summer I have the amazing opportunity to be a Lead Program for CCC’s service weeks. I am so excited for this summer and I am counting down the days! I cannot wait to see what God has in store this year not only for the staff but also for our campers and adults as well as the families we will have the opportunity to work for across the state. CCC has always been this amazing part of my summer and once again having this fantastic opportunity to serve God and be in mission is absolutely amazing.

I am really excited to be a small part of this and hope that we can get a lot of support for Megan.  Check out her personal blog here.  She is an amazing young woman with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for what she does.  Remember –for each comment made on any post at any time during the month of April I will donate 50 cents to Megan’s CCC endeavors!  It is easy to do–just click on the comment box and type away!!!  Thank you in advance for making this month a great month for Comments for a Cause!


  1. I’m off to check out Megan’s blog!

  2. She sounds amazing!!! what a great pick!

  3. Thank you do much for EVERYTHING you have done for our family over the years! Meg was so excited when you asked if you could do this for her! Some of her fondest memories are of spending time with you in the church office. She has become a truly amazing young woman and I believe that our Epworth family and CCC have had a major part in her dedication to following God’s plan and not her own desires. Thank you for being you Beth Ann, we love you so much!!!

    • You are so welcome, Lisa! I have such great memories of watching Meg “grow up” and you and Jim are great friends!!! I am happy that Chris and I are able to do this and so thrilled that Megan has chosen this path in life!!! Spread the word and get everyone involved so that this can be the best month yet for Comments for a Cause!

  4. This is a great cause and I hope Megan gets tons of support here. We got to know Megan when my son was a freshman at A L Brown. Ethan and Megan become great friends and so did my friendship with her mom and dad. Megan loves the Lord and loves working for Him. Please if you don’t know her trust me she is worthy of supporting. Please post something to this blog and help support Megan as she does the Lord’s work.

    • Sarah, Great to “meet” you and so wonderful of you to take the time to stop by and comment on Megan’s behalf! You know I have a heart for this young woman—she has made a huge commitment and is living out her faith in a real and visible way every day. Spread the word! I would love to have this month be the best month ever for my little Comments for a Cause! Come back anytime and comment—I usually do 5 posts a week so that is a lot of 50 cents if you comment daily!!! Thanks again!

  5. Looking forward to getting to know Megan, on her blog, today. Sounds like a wonderful group. Great choice!!!! Blessings (on this sunny/chilly Monday a.m.), Doreen

  6. Megan is a perfect choice for Comments for a Cause, Beth Ann! I have so enjoyed watching her grow in her faith and become the very special young lady she is today. Megan and CCC fit so perfectly together! Megan, Lisa and Jim are all three special people!! Their North Carolina “Grandma” loves them!!!

    • Thanks, Dianne! I am hoping to get a lot of Epworthians to stop by and support her!!! She is special to a lot of folks there, that is for sure, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was the best month for Comments for a Cause?? I would love it!

  7. Super choice. Looks like Megan is a girl with a heart and a plan that will help her meet all her goals.

  8. It’s lovely to see when young people start so early on a journey of helping others. Lots of luck to Megan and her endeavors. Another wonderful cause picked by you!!! 🙂

  9. I absolutely love that we are all going to be supporting Megan and this ministry this month. My eldest worked for a Minneapolis-based Christian outreach group, Youth Works, six summers ago and was based in Charleston, West Virginia. She was also a volunteer and counselor at a local Christian camp for many summers. Megan reminds me of my daughter. Bless you, Megan, and you, too, Beth Ann, for making her the Comments for a Cause for April.

    • I think this is exactly the type of thing that your daughter did!!! Megan has a heart for it and I love that we get to support her both financially and in prayer!! Thanks, Audrey!

  10. I went on Megan’s blog and I understand more of what she is doing and I am happy to make my comment for her. I thank God for young people like her.

    • Yay! Glad you looked to see what it was all about. CCC Has always been a great mission to support and I am thrilled to help Megan with this partnership!

  11. Another fine cause Beth Ann. I hope this month is at least as successful as March.

  12. Kathy Bates says:

    Megan sounds like a fine young lady. I wish her much success in her new role. May God truly bless her.

  13. This is so wonderful that you do this every month Beth Ann. I wish you and Megan much success. She sounds like an amazing youg person. The world needs more like her!

  14. Megan Emerson influenced my life this summer at CCC! I was a junior staff at Megan’s camp and that girl is filled with the love of Christ and helped me grow in my faith journey. She helped me realize my love of the ministry and service and I am so stoked to be a field coordinator for CCC this year!

  15. Good Afternoon Beth Ann! A comment for Megan!

  16. And I am going to click over to her blog right now… 🙂

  17. Wonderful! You continue to inspire me. I’ll be blogging my April comments for a cause charity in a little bit. 🙂 Be blessed!
    ~ Barb

    • I will hop over later to see what your April cause will be! Isn’t this just the most wonderful thing to be able to do??? I am so blessed by it!!!

      • I agree – I love doing it. I need more and more comments. It surprises me how many people will come view the post but not comment. I’m gonna keep going with it though. Be blessed!

  18. Looks like another great cause for April Beth Ann! Let’s hope together we can help this young lady out.

  19. Megan sounds like a really sweet girl, I’m glad we get to partner with you for her support.

  20. Brittany says:

    Love you Megan

  21. I am soo excited to see what God does through this camp and you Megan!! Much love from me 🙂

    • Thanks, Jessica!!!! I am very excited to have Megan be highlighted this month! That sounds better than she is a “cause”, doesn’t it?? Come back anytime!

  22. Megan is a wonderful young lady!! I am happy to comment and support her!!!

    • Thanks, Karen!!! I was hoping to get a bunch of Epworth folks to stop by and comment on her behalf!!! Come back anytime and leave a comment—it all counts and I have a lot I blab on about every day!!! Miss you guys!

  23. Brittany says:

    Awesome work, Megan! Keep on rocking those shades, too. 😀


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  2. […] I get very excited about this time every month and you know why!!!  It is time to tally up the comments on my blog for the past month and reveal how much money will be going to the “cause” of the month!!!  The month of April was designated to Megan Emerson for support of her work this summer at Carolina Cross Connection.  You can read all about it by clicking here. […]

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