Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday

It’s Friday Friday Friday!!!  Yippee!!  And Good Friday at that which makes me reflect on a lot of things.  Hope your day is blessed and that your weekend is filled with family and friends and all of the things that are important to you.

Hilary’s blog hop this week is co-hosted by none other than little ole me!  🙂  Join in the fun by checking out Feeling Beachieand joining in the fun.

The statements are:

1.       My favorite advice to give is ____

2.       A few years ago I stopped ____

3.       The weather around me _____________ tends to lend itself to ____________.

4.       2013 is both __________ and ___________.

My answers are:

1.       My favorite advice to give is to new moms—-treasure each and every moment because before you turn around they are almost 28 and 25….

2.       A few years ago I stopped being so worried about things that I have no control over.

3.       The weather around me is still snowy and  tends to lend itself to making me wish that spring would really come for good.

4.       2013 is both filled with fun things to do and places to go  and work around the house that I really need to do but keep putting off.  How’s that for a rambling answer?



  1. I will address number five because I’ve found the same to be true for me as I age– putting off dong things around the house. This year I have the excuse of helping plan for a wedding.

    Oh, and that brings me back to number one on your list. So, so true. Mine are now 27, 25 and 19.

  2. Love the advice. Mine are almost 29 and almost 27 and it seems like yesterday.

  3. So true about the children. I have grandchildren who are growing up far too quickly for me. Why can’t they be babies for a little while longer.

  4. Shame about the weather. It’s actually spring-like here today, for the first time, really. The wind’s still cold though. Thanks for co-hosting this blog hop! 🙂

  5. I have always heard that the older you get, the faster time goes. I didn’t believe it then. I do now. I suppose we are just slower doing things and getting involved in more activities than we should. My family scattered all over the states when they grew up and I miss them.

    • I imagine what you say is right—-time seems to go faster even though it really doesn’t. I think it is all relative—-and if you are really busy in your life like you are it really flies by!

  6. Your advice is so, so true. I look at my kids and can’t believe that I’ll soon have a teenager in the house. That thought is a bit scary…

  7. Yes, I’m more than ready for Spring too! My ‘baby’ turns 33 this Saturday…while her brother is 37! Happy Weekend!

    • We are all in the same boat with our “babies” aren’t we??? Thanks for stopping by! From the looks of it today spring might actually be almost here!

  8. thanks for co-hosting! I used to be a worry wart, but changed. I couldn’t control anything, and all it did was make me upset… As for your number one, my father-in-law used to tell his son and his daughter not to blink when their kids were little because if they did they would be all grown up. My brother-in-law jokes that he blinked – and that is why his boys are now men.

    • Thank YOU, Hilary, for tirelessly doing this blog hop every week. It is the one that I always try to do out of the zillions out there. I feel a connection with all your followers!!! 🙂 Happy Easter!

  9. Good answer to #2. Doesn’t that lift an incredible weight off one’s shoulders? Co-host! Is that a paid position? 😉

  10. Beth Ann, #2. How’d you do that.. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your Holiday weekend!

  11. And mine are almost 46 and 43!! Yowza!! They canNOT be my boys/men, can they????!!!!!???? Today, this moment, is the greatest moment I is God given to use well. I have plans for 2013 but I have learned they must be subject to amending and I must accept that!! Resurrection Blessings……..


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