Teapot Tuesday

How about this gem of a different type of teapot gleaned from Ebay for a mere $5?   The owner was not really sure what it was but it is a handmade treasure to me and one that I am sure will brew an interesting pot of tea.  No markings of any kind on it and definitely nothing has ever been brewed or put into this pot yet but there will be!!!  A great display piece with unusual colors and markings!!!






  1. What a bargain!

  2. It reminds me of something I’d find at a Renaissance Festival. Lovely.

  3. A bargain for what I’d display as a work of art.

  4. It looks like something Bilbo Baggins might have owned in Bag End.

  5. Wow!! I love this teapot. It is a functional art piece. Something my daughter would make.

  6. I love the glaze. The way the colors meld together. It’s a very unique piece – the shape and everything.

  7. Instant “love” on that one! The word that first came to my mind was ‘breathtaking’!!!! The lines and the colours are gorgeous!! Even if one didn’t collect such, it would be a welcome addition to any home! Fab find!!! Hugs, D

  8. Beth Ann, This is not only a bargain but nice use of colors!

  9. very cool. I love the shape of the handle on the lid. it does seems very renaissance.

  10. This is going down as one of my favorites. Of what is it made? Absolutely gorgeous, Beth Ann. I see you on the Antiques Roadshow in the future… your $5 investment becomes $5,000. 🙂

  11. What a treasure you found! Can’t beat the price, either! Good job.

  12. It looks like an old one!

  13. Made me think of Alice in Wonderland! Love the top!!

  14. I love the colors and the unusual shape of this teapot. Enjoy it.

  15. very interesting teapot style. I think I like it. Of course blue is my favorite color so that had me at first sight.

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