Happy List, Anyone????


Mine would have so many things……

The first night sitting out on the deck in the spring wearing short sleeves.

Watching the birds flit to and from our bird feeders.

Seeing a child on the beach playing in the sand.

The perfect cup of tea poured into my favorite Teavana cup.

That moment when I see my sons for the first time after being apart for a long time.

The frost on the trees on a winter morning as it sparkles and shines like diamonds.

The comment on my blog that brings a smile to my face.

The list goes on and on and on. Β What’s on YOUR list?


  1. waking up to see Lucy snuggled in the nook between Marc and my pillows….

  2. Will this ever happen: The first night sitting out on the deck in the spring wearing short sleeves.

  3. Echo “TBM”!!! Today….(short list) waking up with no snow coming down!!!! Still need a fur coat in order to spend time on the front porch (occupied, at the moment, by our outdoor kitty…wearing his fur coat! LOL!). Happy Monday!! Hugs, Doreen

  4. Cheeseburgers!
    Sitting under the Oaks.
    The ocean.
    The day that Mr. Tanager returns to the Tiny Ten!
    Reading blogs
    I like your idea of a happy list Beth Ann.. πŸ™‚

  5. Seeing one or more of my children driving into my driveway for a visit.
    Waking up with the sun shining with no snow covering the ground. {it did not happen today}.
    Making a new friend.

  6. Beaker!!!! How could you NOT be happy about Beaker? that is awesome. cats being “love drunk” – so true. LOL
    I would definitely have that first cup of coffee on my list. but yes, overall, I agree with the concept that happiness is finding those little treasured moments that are scattered throughout our lives/days. you have to find them and hold on to them.

  7. Seeing my children play with abandon on the beach is definitely on the top of my list. There’s nothing like the sand, the waves and their laughter and squeals…

  8. Rubbing my dog’s tummy when she’s having a bad dream and having it go away. I hear Pix Under the Oaks about Cheeseburgers – oh yeah!

  9. Hands down, seeing my kids, whom I don’t see often enough.

  10. Digging my toes into warm sugar white sand, feeling my daughter’s arms around me & smelling her beautiful perfume when we hug, having my beloved Bandit lean into me when he wanted to snuggle, listening to the rain while laying in bed reading a book.

  11. This reminds me of “1,000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. Watching squirrels in their silliness, seeing the blue jay flit around the hanging peanut feeder and grabbing one without stopping, time spent with grandkids…so many things, every day.

    • You get it, Patti! You totally get it! It is kind of like my Happy List that I need to update on my blog!!! Things that make me smile or blessings that happen that are around us every single day!

  12. Definitely jogging in shorts for the first time all year. I actually had the joy of doing this last week-but I was in Tennessee so it doesn’t really count. When I can run in shorts in Madison, WI I’ll know it’s really spring!! πŸ™‚

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