Food and Friday Fill In’s

Let’s start the day off right with some delightful food pictures!!!   Last night we had dinner with Micah and Angela at a fabulous place in 5 Points (Jacksonville) called Black Sheep.  It was wonderful and any place that focuses on fresh local “handcrafted” ingredients is okay with me.  We were not disappointed with any of our selections and service was great!

Catch of the day---I can't remember what it was but looked yummy!

Catch of the day—I can’t remember what it was but looked yummy!

Striped bass

Striped bass

Pork loin with black eyed peas

Pork loin with black eyed peas


Chicken and dumplings---I ate around the carrots.  :-)

Chicken and dumplings—I ate around the carrots. 🙂



S'mores Cake---it was yummy!!!!  Burned marshmallow on top, chocolate and graham cracker crust!

S’mores Cake—it was yummy!!!! Burned marshmallow on top, chocolate and graham cracker crust!

Are you hungry now???  It was a seriously good meal and the company was even better!!!  This morning the sun is shining and I am going to hop on to Hilary’s blog hop as usual from Feeling Beachie!! Join the fun by clicking on the link!!!

This week’s statements:
1. My ___ is my least favorite feature
2. I was very ____ as a child
3. The first room I clean in my house is___ because___
4. If I had the guts to ____then I could ____

My answers:
1. My nose is my least favorite feature—in my family it is called the Dittus nose after my grandfather.
2. I was very happy as a child
3. The first room I clean in my house is the kitchen because it just has to be clean and picked up before I can do anything else.  I never leave dirty dishes in the sink or stuff out on the counters at night if I can help it.
4. If I had the guts to drive in Australia then I could drive about anywhere, don’t you think?




  1. Can I have some of the dessert with some tea please?

  2. The food sounds great. Glad you enjoyed it but don’t think you will get that kind of food at my house. I don’t do too well at that anymore.

  3. The food looks delish! Smores cake is new to me.
    I can’t stand a dirty kitchen either. Driving in Australia would be a challenge, but, I think you could get used to it. Driving on the left side of the road is a big adjustment, though. Have a good weekend.

    • Dirty kitchens just are not cool, are they??? The driving was not that bad once I figured out the roundabouts. Coming back to the US to drive was a switch—I kept turning the wipers on for the turn signal!

  4. The food looks delicious. I love places like that, we have a few in our area where they only use local grown food… I’m like you when it comes to the kitchen. Such an important part of many homes. Have a great weekend and enjoy your time in Jacksonville. Wish I could take a drive up the coast…

    • Thanks! I love places like this , too. The one place we had on our town closed….boo hoo. But there are still a couple places that try to use fresh local stuff a bit and we try to order that when possible.

  5. Those meals look delish, except I would eat around the dumplings and I don’t particularly like burned marshmallows. Sounds like a great evening with two of your guys and Angela.

    • I ate around the carrots!!! And the burned marshmallow was just right—-just a light burn. Sitting on the balcony now watching them rake the beach.

  6. I wish I could drive to Australia because I drive everywhere.

  7. I was going to ask which was yours! LOL Carrots still on your bad side, eh? Burnt marshmallow–is that a good thing? The kitchen always needs to be tidied up, never ending.

  8. Pork loin with black eyed peas please! I am always cleaning the kitchen. For some reason the first room I clean is the family room. And why did I want hardwoods? Give me tile in every ding dang room!! Glad you are having a wonderful time.. 🙂

    • We are thinking about hardwoods in the great room…should we reconsider????

      • Well they are beautiful. I don’t know, we live in a dusty house. I have never lived in such a dusty house. Every little ding dang thing shows up on hardwoods. And in my opinion they scratch and scuff easily and we are just two here and we are not hard on our floors. I love love LOVE our tile floors! Easy to keep clean and very forgiving. I will never do hardwoods again. But if YOU love them Beth Ann that is all that counts!

  9. We always clean our kitchen right after we eat too.
    Have to agree with you on that last one! Ha, ha.

    • A dirty kitchen bugs me, Karen!!! I just think it needs to be clean before I go to bed for some reason! And I am a very messy cook so sometimes it takes some doing!

  10. I don’t like my nose either!

  11. cannot stand a dirty kitchen either. especially if it is an eat in one like we have. then you have to sit and eat – and stare at the mess.
    yummy, yummy!! I’d take the catch of the day I think.

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