Teapot Tuesday

A recent trip to South of the Border (another post on that will be forthcoming!) netted me a beach themed teapot for a mere $5! Β Now I am not proclaiming that this one will increase in value but it sure fits in nicely with my “beachy retreat” in my bathroom, don’t you think?






  1. Now I feel like going to the beach

  2. Yes! It is just right at home.. πŸ™‚ I NEED to go to the beach!

  3. Love it. It just makes me smile. πŸ™‚

  4. Makes me think warm and sunny and wonder, will warm and sunny ever return to Minnesota?

  5. Anything “Beachy” is worth pursuing right now. What is with these weekly (or more) storms??? Do NOT look at next Sunday eve into Monday!!! Yup…………

    • WHAT???? More????? I am washing my hands of this winter. Seems like global warming has not met our area….

      • I know!!!! I could NOT believe it when I checked Weather Underground a bit ago. Next Monday is my local quilt group meeting in the evening. We’ve had to change the day several times. Yesterday was the larger quilt group meeting (in Spring Grove…..20 miles from my home) and I (and neighbor) did go…I drove….treacherous describes the roads. The “switchback” roads climbing and descending the various ridges to get to that town were snow covered (deep!) and glare ice underneath!! AWD got a work out!!!!!!!

  6. Very cheerful and sunny feel to this one. πŸ™‚

  7. I have one of those boat shelves too! Never thought of painting it….yours looks amazing.
    the teapot would be great to keep cotton balls, bath salts, or something too.

  8. Your teapot looks great on,your boat shelf. A really neat display.

  9. What a hoot that one is! Love your tea pots…

  10. The teapot itself is cute, but I love the rowboat cabinet, now that says beach for sure.

  11. That’s the perfect spot for that little teapot!

  12. Cute. And thanks for reminding us of your bathroom make-over. I remember when you did that.
    Do you have another trip to the beach planned?
    I’m trying to figure out how to get there this year.

    • Headed to JAX this weekend to see the oldest–beach time will be limited but I will see it and walk on it for my “fix”. You need to fit it in, Christine. It has been quite a year for you. Hope you are doing well.

  13. That is a perfect spot for that teapot! You are quite a decorator!!

  14. That’s so cute! I love finding great deals like that, especially on vacation!

  15. Another great find. Fits right in too.


  1. […] I could not pick a favorite spot at this mecca of tacky but I suspect it was all of the wonderful animals that were perfect photo opportunities. Β  I am afraid that Chris grew a bit weary (he was hungry after all and not in the mood for any of the many options that Pedro had to offer) so our time there was probably not as long as “I” would have liked it to be but it was fun and a great way to break up the trip from Raleigh to Charleston. Β After all –it did net me a teapot for my collection as I posted here. […]

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