I Know I am Irrational!



Did you ever have an irrational fear?  The kind that paralyzes you to the point of not being able to function?   I have several–none that paralyze, thank goodness, but fears nonetheless.

  1. Blood—just seeing it makes me light headed.  A  recent injury when we were on vacation where I could have seriously amputated my toe when I dropped the glass off a small glass topped table just right on one of my toes left me laying on the floor while my husband tended to my wound. Fortunately  I always pack bandaids.  Three weeks later there is still bruising ….
  2. Water in my face. This explains my lack of love for swimming but not my love of the beach.
  3. Snakes.  No explanation needed there for most folks.  Either you love them or you hate them.
  4. Anticipatory Anxiety—-for example–going to the dentist.  I tend to work myself up into a state—imagining 15 root canals and 12 crowns to be done in a total of 2 appointments.  I am happy to say this past week I bit the bullet (thanks to my husband actually making the appointment for me) and had a very successful dental visit.  Next appointment is already made for 6 months from now.  Now see–that wasn’t so bad, was it???
  5. Car Washes.   Now this is the silly one.  I have always washed my own car.  Always.  About 2 years ago I started not being able to drive into the car wash correctly the first time.  You know what I mean–you have to either straddle lines of pipes or go up on a narrow treadle pad to park.  Time and time again I failed.  My mojo was off.  I had to back up and try repeatedly.  It was embarrassing.  I avoided going.  I had anticipatory anxiety.  It was ridiculous.  I opted to go to the carwash where you could wash it yourself with the hose.  But then it was winter again and the car was filthy and I really needed that “whole body” experience.  So I tried it again.  I am pleased to report that I may have conquered my fear of driving into the car wash.  I must admit that I opened the door and eyeballed where my wheels were in relation to the treadle before proceeding.  But hallelujah—-I did it and lived to write the story.  It was just plain silly how all of the sudden that ability to drive straight into a carwash vanished.   Hopefully I am on the mend from this affliction since I have one successful drive in under my seatbelt, so to speak.  I will keep you posted.


Do you have any irrational fears that you would like to claim?   Feel free to comment below!!!




  1. You aren’t the first person I’ve met with the car wash fear. I won’t “out” the others, but you aren’t alone. As for me, I’m never irrational. totally in control all of the time…omg, was that a snake–gotta run!!!!!!

  2. I have an irrational fear of snakes too!

  3. Yes, I do…I have extreme claustrophobia (including but not limited to enclosed spaces like car washes, elevators, MRIs & CTScans, and being held still, anything over my head or face, crowds, tight clothing, etc),and I have a phobia of spiders, That’s my two big ones!

    • Spiders?? Really! That one kind of surprised me with you, McGuffy Ann–lover of all things animal!!!! I guess spiders don’t qualify in the cute and cuddly category! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Spiders are good, and I never disturb them in their place. In my house, no spiders are allowed. We capture them and release them outside. They are great for the environment and useful, but not in my house. On the other hand, I love bats, reptiles (including snakes) and other “unpopular” animals. I’m just not a big fan of spiders or “Bugs”.

  4. I bet I know some people who could help with some of those things…

  5. Chickens, or anything, really, with wings. All traced back to a mean rooster that chased us kids, pecking at us….until the day Dad grabbed the axe and…

    • Oh chickens….yea—I get that one totally! My grandma had chickens and I never liked getting the eggs. My sister had chickens later and I still was not a huge fan but would venture in now and again. But yes—-axes come in handy for mean roosters!

  6. My irrational fear is crossing bridges in cars. Though honestly, I don’t think it is irrational. I typically have to roll down all windows, so if the bridge collapses, I can swim out through the window. That’s assuming I survive the drop into the water and I am not covered in bridge debris. *sigh*

  7. Yes to #4 for all Dr. appointments!
    #5! OhMyGosh!! Yes! I just would pop out of the car and ask the car wash guy to put my vehicle in the guide or on the treadle thing and then get out of the car mortified and walk inside or jump back in the car in shame. Now I have a retired husband that is HOME ALL THE TIME and he takes care of keeping the vehicles washed. I have faith in you Beth Ann, you conquered the car wash deal!
    Do I have irrational fears? You don’t have the time and there isn’t enough room in the comment box for my irrational fears! But the one that is driving me crazy right now is the test at the eye Dr.’s for peripheral vision where you have to hit the buzzer every time you see a light with a patch over one eye. I am getting sweaty palms right now.

    • Oh dear—don’t stress!!! PLEASE! How bout the glaucoma test with the puff of air that attacks your eye and you are just waiting for it…..poof!!! 🙂

      • No poof of air at my Dr. anymore, he has some kind of new thing that doesn’t make me jump out of the chair anymore.. 🙂 The test that really does me in, my stress test at the cardiologist! WooEEEEE. I worry about that one 6 months in advance!

  8. I can’t think of anything at the top of my head but I know there are situations that I dread more than others. I’m always a little worried to drive into a car wash. So far, it’s gone smoothly each time.

  9. I also dread driving into the car wash. One time the fellow in charge asked if I wanted him to drive it in. Of course I said yes.

  10. The car wash thing, definitely. Although in addition to the driving-in part, I have a fear that the giant brushes are going to crash through the windshield and kill me. Hope that doesn’t add to YOUR fears. Happy almost spring!

  11. car gas tanks, oil changes and car washes. exactly why I got married. Shhh….he thinks it’s his wit and devastating charm 🙂
    my youngest is absolutely terrified of those car washes — yet, she constantly asks to go. I hope that doesn’t mean a lot of therapy later on.

  12. I share your fear of snakes & I’m really not very comfortable about having water in my face (even in the shower) although I used to swim like a fish. I am petrified of the dentist & I feel very uncomfortable in drive thru car washes too. But I do not share your aversion to blood. I used to feel very uncomfortable when my own blood was being drawn until I started working in a doctor’s office & part of my job was to help label blood tubes going out for testing I overcame it pretty quickly. I used to stand next to the flobotomist & take the tubes as they were leaving the patient’s arm, do the shaking if needed, etc. I also had to keep so up to date with my First Aid courses while working for the fire dept. in NW Ont & there’s usually some blood involved in first aid.
    I received your wonderful package this weekend. It actually arrived on Thursday, but the postal person left a card because it didn’t fit in our mailbox in the apartment. Everything arrived safe & sound. It was like Christmas morning here as I dipped into the box & pulled out each sweet treasure! Thank you so much!

    • Sounds like we have a lot of the same “fears” though I applaud you on the blood thing. I am worse than I used to be so I think I just fake myself out. So glad the package got there safe and sound!! Yay!! Enjoy each and every thing and let me know how you like the stuff!!!! I couldn’t make it all pretty since it had to ship I had to make sure stuff was wrapped but you get the idea!!! Enjoy my friend!

  13. Rodents. I can’t even type the real word. It is a ridiculous irrational fear that does actually paralyse me, leaves me shaking for a long time and causes nightmares.

  14. Darlene has shared my fear ^ caused by an incident during a Chicago flooding. I’m also terrified someone will ask me to iron something 😀

    • Well that is a good fear to have—ugh. And it sounds as if there is a story behind your fear and it is totally rational. The ironing comment made me laugh.

  15. I’m not a fan of close quarters, either. I’ve never had to drive into a car wash, hubby has always done it. You are brave, Beth Ann.

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