A Prayer for St. Patrick’s Day



Posted by Carsten Bepunkt on YouTube



  1. Beautiful Blessing.

  2. Goosebumps.. Thanks. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and you family.

  3. “…to you and you family”, I sound like I’m speaking New York(ese) lol. To you, and YOUR family.

  4. lovely. thanks for sharing that — I do feel blessed!

  5. JGHS choir concerts I always loved singing this inspirational song. Thanks for sending some memories.

  6. I’ve always loved this prayer, but never heard it sung. Beautiful. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Really?? We used to sing this same arrangement, I think, in high school. And our church in North Carolina still closes each service with a version as we hold hands around the sanctuary. I miss that.

  7. This was a beautiful rendition of the blessing. Thanks.

  8. This is beautiful! Perfect for today 🙂

  9. Very pretty! How nice to listen to before I nod off. Hope you had a nice St. Pat’s Day!

  10. Beautiful

  11. Finally got to listen to this. Beautiful voices and words.

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