The Big Reveal

image from KTLA 5 Los Angeles news

image from KTLA 5 Los Angeles news

As I came into the house from my snow shoveling induced fog I saw that the smoke had lifted……or rather…the smoke was white.  What that meant for millions of people who were following around the world was that the moment had arrived finally—a new Pope had been chosen and soon would be announced.  I peeled off my layers, brewed a cuppa and sat down to watch the big reveal.  And what a wonderful reveal it was to watch the lights go on in the room behind the balcony and to see figures walking around getting ready .   A day like this is not to be forgotten.

While I am not Catholic it does not matter one bit because today, my friends, history was made.   The new Pope, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina is breaking historic ground by choosing the name Francis.  It has never been used before and is the name of one of the most revered –Saint Francis of Assisi.   CNN Vatican expert, John Allen, was quoted as saying that the name symbolizes “poverty, humility, simplicity and rebuilding the Catholic Church.”

Reading and listening to all of the commentary on television it appears that this is the right man for the job.  The Catholic church has suffered much as of late and it will need a strong but gentle leader.  I loved that he asked the masses of people there to pray for him before he continued.  He showed his humility by bowing before them to receive their prayers.  What an important symbol that was and an example of how he is going to lead.

There is hope in the world today—I think that sometimes it is so easy to lose track of that fact and focus on all the negativity and sadness that permeates our lives.  But there is so much more!!!  So much more!  Hope is a feeling of expectation and usually that expectation is towards something positive and up lifting.  How can we live in a world if we have no hope???  It is impossible for me to understand how one exists without hope.

I have nothing more to add to all the news about the new Pope other than to say that I am hopeful as are millions of others.  Hopeful that he will be able to lead with a gentle but at the same time firm hand—embracing all and giving a sense of renewed hope to all.







  1. Ah, Beth Ann, you said it all. You put into words the way I feel. What a gift you have! Love you.

  2. I agree with Dianne. But I will add that my daughter is especially happy that the new pope hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    • I thought of her when I heard where he was from! I think it is a huge statement that he is not European and that he has the personal history that he has. It is encouraging and a good thing, in my humble opinion.

  3. I pray that he is blessed as he blesses us. I pray trust he is who we need. He is not a political person, he is a humble man. He is Hope.

  4. I like him :-D. My grandfather name was Francis and of-course I love most of the St Francis of Assi stories. Although, I am a lapsed Catholic or perhaps recovering one….I enjoyed every minute of the process of choosing a new pope. It like the Cubs (sorry for the irreverence here) I’m not really a baseball fan, but, hey, when they are in the playoffs hear me cheer!
    “embracing all and giving a sense of renewed hope to all” well said.

    • I have only respect for the whole process of choosing a new Pope and think it is so spectacular to see the pageantry and extreme reverence that takes place during the whole process. I watched the crowd praying and just was moved by that—it is a good thing to have people join together in prayer I think! I totally get your Cubs reference!! That makes total sense to me!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is exactly what I felt! I was very pleased by the choice and loved his humbleness.

  6. ‘….and upon this Rock, I shall build my church’ Thanks Beth Ann, your expressions and sentiments are what millions of Catholics are feeling today I am sure. May God give him the strength and wisdom that it will take, to lead..

  7. I’m not Catholic, either, but yes, I watched and really think he looks to be a great guy. I’m happy for them!

  8. I’m not Catholic, but it was moving to watch him last night on the telly.

  9. I loved that he chose the name Francis, too!

  10. Mary Ellen says:

    Thanks for your positive comments, Beth Ann. I am a happy Catholic in spite of the many troubles we have had. I was impressed as well that he asked us all to pray for him. I pray that it will be a chance for all Christians to come together to pray for a better world. 🙂

  11. Beth Ann you said so well what I could not put into words! I love that he chose Francis, for me it was a sign.. 🙂 I loved the whole business with the gull on the smokestack! So far, I like this Pope. I have hope now that my Catholic faith will be restored. I hit the tweetin’ button Beth Ann!

  12. I did not get much work done that day as I also was watching for the new Pope. I also was impressed by his humbleness. May God bless him and all others who are Catholics.

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