Wordless Wednesday

The recent snowfall left us with an interesting snow sculpture on our roof.



  1. You better not stand under that overhang, looks like it could fall down to the grown any minute!

  2. Nature, the first artist

  3. That looks kinda familiar and that is a whole lot of snow!

  4. Must have been plenty of wind with that snow to get those results.

  5. Amazing how it just hangs there. I can’t get over the amount of snow you’ve been getting. It’s crazy and while it’s been chilly here I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the snow. 🙂

  6. HI Beth Ann,
    How did you get out the door to take this picture! What a neat picture! Thanks for sharing.

  7. It’s always interesting what ends up left over after the snow falls….. so pretty…but so darn cold!

  8. yep….that’s a familiar look to me. Our BBQ makes the best nature snow art sculptures.

  9. More snow coming? You’ve had a bumper crop of it this year!

  10. I expect to see these kind of pics in Edmonton – where are you from? I thought it was a little warmer where you are?

  11. So pretty!

    • It really is pretty. For now—until it gets dirty and slushy. I wouldn’t mind snow if it idid not snow on the roads and sidewalks and if it always looked pretty. Am I asking too much???

  12. WOW!! look at all that snow!!

  13. Just when you think winter is over… 🙂

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