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Spring is coming. Spring is coming. Spring is coming.  I am standing on one leg, turning slowly in circles with my hands on my head chanting.   I keep hoping that if I do a ritual like this it will really come true.

This past week after we dug out from a lovely storm that dumped about 7 inches on our area I drove into town and laughed at the state of affairs of many of the mailboxes along one road in particular.  Our mailbox (knock on wood) has stayed intact this winter so far.  That has not been the case in previous winters and even when we bought the house it was inside the garage which makes me think it feel victim to Mr. Snowplow.

My creative bungee cord to keep it on the post 2 winders ago.

My creative bungee cord to keep it on the post 2 winters ago.

On my trek into town that day I could not take pictures but a couple of days later the dear hubby assisted me and I got a couple of shots.  Several were flat out on the snow–totally topped off their posts but their owners had removed them until the spring thaw most likely.  I was disappointed that I did not get more pictures but most folks have given up with the snowplow battle on that route I think.

Duct tape is the latest accessory for this mailbox----Not sure how long it will last.

Duct tape is the latest accessory for this mailbox—-Not sure how long it will last.


These owners took a lot of time working out their new and hopefully snowplow resistant design.

These owners took a lot of time working out their new and hopefully snowplow resistant design.

We have another snowstorm coming today and I am wondering if more boxes will fall tonight.  No doubt they will but you know what?   If I drove one of those plows I bet I would knock off a few of my own.   Can’t be an easy job and I am just glad that they do it and keep things clear.

image from

image from

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days you will know why……….standing on one leg, turning slowly in circles with my hands on my head chanting “spring is coming spring is coming spring is coming”.



  1. 🙂 I am so glad I live in Florida! Just thought I would rub it in!

  2. A little snow today in London, but i think our mail boxes are safe. Duct tape to the rescue!

  3. I’ve thought of you this a.m., hoping you got to your destination without too much difficulty. Randy is, as I type, blowing the snow from our driveway. We got about five inches.

    Great idea to post about mailboxes and especially appreciate the creativity of the wheelbarrow one. But I don’t know if I’d risk destruction or theft of my wheelbarrow.

  4. hmmmm, I wonder if that is why we don’t have mailboxes at the end of our driveways up here in Snowland??? There is one big unit at the end of the street and you have to walk to it and retrieve your mail, via key, from your box. so, you are guaranteed a walk at least once day – LOL. maybe it’s more fitness related? 🙂

  5. This is funny! We have some outrageous mailboxes here, too. It amazes me, the things that people do. Keep chanting, my friend!

  6. Does it matter which leg I stand on?

  7. Love the wheel barrel attempt. Duct tape works for everything. Glad I’m in NC.

  8. Oh, the poor mail boxes. I don’t have to worry about my box. It is in the Big House, as we call it. All I have to do is walk {or drive if the weather is bad}a couple blocks to get my mail.

  9. I hadn’t considered the war waging between the mailboxes and snow plows. The mailboxes in our neighborhood are mounted on the houses, making a lot of walking for our letter carrier.

    • Every place is a little different—in the town proper they do walking routes but we are in a sub division with mailboxes. I just know it is hard to keep them cleared for the mail carriers at times, too!

  10. The first couple of inches of snow melted and then it piled up to around 6″. Our mailbox has survived last winter and this winter (new snowplow driver came on, the previous was terrible!! Lost several mailboxes!-( ). Duck Tape rules!!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

    • Agreed!!! We have a lot of snow this morning. A lot. The street in front of our house has been plowed a couple of times but our street has not been touched (we are on a corner) so going out this morning was challenging!

      • Our country/county road is so well maintained!! When it gets towards the end of the day (when ppl are coming home from school/work) the plow will have cleared the day’s snow away! Stay safe, Girl!

  11. Around here if you live on a main road, it’s not the snowplows but the delinquents with a friend who drives while the other wields a baseball bat. Such fun for inactive minds!!

  12. I never even thought that that could be an issue. I like your bungee cord idea. Those things are sure versatile!!! 🙂 Hope you make it through the next snow storm intact!

  13. That is funny! Our mailbox has been redecorated here and there by kids so CH has it barely attached with a wonky nail on the wood base and so this last snow, just the exuberant breeze from the plow sent it flying. I think the bungee cord is the way to go and I love your red bow. It adds a festive touch! I hope this last misbehaving bit of winter misses you!

    • You know well of what I speak then!!! The snow came and I am reeling under trying to shovel just a path to the front door!! Looks like about 12 inches. I may make it out by May….

  14. It’s too bad the plows knock over the mailboxes – it looks like people get very creative with them!

  15. Becky McClamrock says:

    The wheelbarrow picture made me lol! Thanks for that! I wish I could send some warm sunshine your way. I can’t imagine having to deal with that much snow, especially in March! Hang in there!!!

    • Thanks, Becky!!! March just needs to be warmer, you know? The snow is pretty but we got about 12 inches and it is hard to get the walks all shoveled. We keep putting off buying a snowblower but it may be in the cards…I am not getting any younger…

  16. Becky Miracle says:

    This made my day! People are so inventive. I especially loved the wheelbarrow. People have seen robins here so I will send them your way. Everyone keeps saying spring is almost here…I don’t think Mother Nature cares what the calendar says…..but I am praying for warmer days for you. Keep spinning and chanting, it can’t hurt (well unless you get dizzy and fall !)

    • It is really beautiful out but I am over it. So over it. I know it is part of living here but I would rather have it in December not March when we are all ready for spring!!! the wheelbarrow one was pretty great, wasn’t it??

  17. I can so relate. I love the mailbox on the upside down sinks and in the wheelbarrow – hilarious!

    • It is my favorite one so far!!!! And it is portable since it is in a wheelbarrow!! However the last trip into town I noticed it was almost totally covered up due to the last snowfall!!!! May have to move it on down to the post office!

  18. We live in Florida, so the only thing to knock our mailboxes down are hurricanes. But, I don’t know if it’s like this up north, but around here, people have the STRANGEST mailboxes in a variety of shapes. We have manatee boxes, fish boxes, seahorse boxes, etc. Next time we’re traveling around FL I’ll have to snap some pictures.

    • Vicki–You MUST take some pictures!!! I am sure you have some creative ones!!! The best one I have ever seen was in Australia —it was a microwave. No joke. I saw it with my own eyes and took a picture.

  19. I am so cracking up at the one on the wheel barrow! They REALLY took some time to get that together! Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with snow much in SC. I couldn’t imagine winters like that every year! Stay Warm…spring is coming soon! Stopping in (late) from sharefest!


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