Friday Fun from Feeling Beachie

It’s Friday already again and after some tussles with my laptop this morning I am finally up and running.  Someone, and that someone shall remain nameless, walked across my open laptop last night repeatedly and things were being typed in invisible ink this morning when I arose.  Well….I got it fixed and THIS someone will not forget to close her laptop again!!!  🙂

As always I am joining Hilary for her Friday blog hop.  It is always great fun to see what blanks there are to fill in each week and if you want to join in and post your link to your blog on her blog head over here .

This week’s statements:
1. Sometimes I wonder if I should ___ but I know I wont
2. A ___ is very ___
3. I got _____ from my _____
4. _____ make(s) the best ______

My answers:

1. Sometimes I wonder if I should throw out old pictures that have been scanned into the computer but I know I won’t.
2. A hug is very healing.
3. I got my love of music from my daddy (and a little from my mom).
4. Micah  make(s) the best omelets.  

There you go!!!  All the wonderful answers for today!! Hope all of you have a great weekend and remember to comment often to help raise our Comments for A Cause total for Brittany Ederer and Care of Creation!!!   Check out my post here for the details!




  1. I have one of those someones in my house as well. My last laptop didn’t have any sound after I left it open overnight. Glad it’s all back to normal. I bet that someone wants a hug.

  2. I could never throw out the pictures either. I still have lots that I need to scan.

  3. What is it about men and breakfast? Randy makes brunch every Sunday and I cannot cook an egg like him or fry a potato like him. I tease him sometimes and tell him he should open a fried potato stand at the Minnesota State Fair. We don’t eat fried potatoes all that often, but I sure do like them, especially Randy’s. I am spoiled. He also likes to grill and does so nearly every weekend on our Weber charcoal grill, even in the cold of winter.

    • Chris usually does the grilling for me, too, so I guess I should give him credit where credit is due but Micah makes killer omelets! So much better than me!

  4. Talk about pictures. I have so many and don’t know what to do with them. They are in various places and no dates on many of them. I need help. Hint hint.

  5. These “Fridays” are coming around way too fast! (Head spinning!….figuratively, of course..ha!) Cleaning/de-cluttering is NOT my forte so I’m bypassing this whole line of thinking!!!! LOL! Off to the sewing room to ‘create’ a mess(?)….hugs, Doreen

  6. I’m the opposite for #1 — I still have all my old photo albums and I often wonder if I should scan all the pics onto a disc. But I just like something about flipping through the books.
    My love of music definitely comes from my dad. which is very weird because he left when I was basically still a baby…… I guess that’s a point for genetics.

    • I get so distracted by photos when I am going to scan them in…..I like the physicality of the actual album, too, but I know in the long run it is good to save them off to an external hard drive. So much work, though!!!
      Funny that you trace your love of music to your dad. At least he gave you an appreciation of something nice.

  7. I love omelets! It is very hard for me to send pictures to the recycling bin, painful almost.. 😀 I need to sit down with CH and pick our favorites and print them.

  8. I agree with sweetday, to throw them away feels almost sacriligeous (sp?) or as if those pictured are unimportant in some way. Have a great weekend!

  9. I am from the old school and still like printed pictures. Hopefully one day we will sit down and remember the past through those pictures. My grandchildren get a kick out of the albums with pictures of their parents when they were young.

  10. I have a laptop walker too and if I don’t make sure it’s locked or closed she will wreck havoc. 🙂 I love hugs – giving and receiving them!!! Have a good weekend.

  11. I wish I had all my photos from my film camera days scanned – sigh – there are a lot of books and even more piles. Somewhere – double-sigh. Hugs are great and so are four-footed family members 🙂

    • It is just overwhelming to think about scanning all of them in, isn’t it? I got on a roll and did a bunch all at once and then stopped!!! I shouldn’t have!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  12. These Fridays do seem to come closer and closer together! I need to print out some of my photos, too. I’ve been so busy blowing my nose the last day and a half, I’m not getting anything else done!

  13. Hugs are the best!

  14. I see a medley of concern and affection in your lines, “THIS someone will not forget to close her laptop again…” A hint of Whodunnit mystery too?


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