It’s Wicked!

When we lived in Australia we tried to travel as much as we could on the weekends so we could take it all in.  I mean–it was a once in a lifetime experience, after all!!!  We didn’t venture out of Queensland but hey—Queensland is huge!!!  It is larger than Texas and we think Texas is big!!!

One of the things we loved to look for were Wicked Campers.  Australians are big on camping and touring around everywhere and one of the most popular choices seemed to be these camper vans.  They were always colorful and graphic and most of them had themes.  Many had “suggestive” themes if you get my drift.  But they were fun and we had the chance to see a few and I got a few photographs of some along the way.



This was one of the "calmer" of the suggestive ones.

This was one of the “calmer” of the suggestive ones.


I loved this one!!!

I loved this one!!!

I only wished I had taken more pictures of them !   saw one on the ferry on Magnetic island that is my favorite one so far—-had a huge picture of Darth Vader on the side and on the back it said “Come to the Dark Side—–we have cookies!”There are tons on the internet and I was able to choose a few of the less offensive ones.  After all–my mom reads my blog and I don’t want to offend her!!!

Google Image

Google Image


Image by rico4059

Image by rico4059

image by rico4059

image by rico4059


photo by robstephaustralia

photo by robstephaustralia

What fun it is to think about all the options of Wicked Campers there are and what you might end up with if you rent.  If you want more info on this classic means of travel click here to go to the website that gives you all the details!  They are also available for rent in New Zealand, Europe, Africa and the good old USA.  I woudn’t suggest renting one if you are an introvert—-they seem to be for those who like attention!








  1. Love!
    Especially the tushie one!

  2. I love these. I wouldn’t drive one, but I love them.

  3. I’m thinking hippies here…traveling art (not band)…

    Are these mostly rentals then because I imagine a custom paint job would set you back a few bucks?

    • I think they are probably all rentals but I am not positive. They are very creative and fun and seem to be a great way to travel. They are all converted inside and would probably be a pretty inexpensive way to travel other than the petrol prices!!!

  4. Brings back memories of our VW camper van, only ours was very tame…..just the obligatory flowers stuck all over (back when the clothing of choice included moccasins and a wine skin!!! And long hair…….on DH!!!!! LOL!)

    • Haha!!! My brother had one for years and years—-no flowers on his but it served him very well for a very long time!

      • I remember coming back to Mpls from Milwaukee on I94 with that vehicle……”pedal to the metal” and couldn’t get it to do the speed limit (which was a lot less back then!). Would be down to under 45 mph on the uphill (small) grades!!! Ahhhhhhh..the ‘good ole days’! Ha!

      • People would be giving you hand gestures these days if you were going that slowly! 🙂 And not nice ones!

  5. I’ll probably stick with CruiseAmerica. Haha. But I have thought it might be fun to rent an RV and go out west for Travels with Arthur. 🙂

  6. So interesting. I love learning things about other countries. And this is certainly an interesting tidbit. 🙂

  7. A friend and I almost rolled over, on a less than gentle right turn, in a VW van.. Ah, the good old days.. Happy to be able to remember them now! Thanks.

  8. I’ve never heard of these! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Dibs on the Wonder Woman one!!
    so so cool. maybe we should do this instead of a trailer? Except with my 3 kids never agreeing on anything, we’d end up with a weird Barbie, Dora, The Avengers mash up! LOL

  10. I’d choose the Pink Floyd one – wicked cool! I got a kick out of seeing the one that said “You are on my list of things to do tonite,” you don’t hear that statement every day! 🙂

  11. What a way to travel. I can see how you enjoyed seeing them as they are interesting and creative.

  12. What a way to liven up a camping trip!

  13. Bwa ha ha!!! Very funny. I doubt if I could even sit inside one though, let alone drive it around!

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