Teapot Tuesday

A cute and colorful ceramic teapot that is perfect for brewing a pot of tea when the weather is less than spring like out–maybe it will spur spring on!P1120413



  1. Yes, spur spring on! I’m ready

    • Me, too!!! Woke up to about 6 more inches of snow and it is still coming down. I must admit is very pretty right now so I will enjoy the pretty while it lasts and know that spring is coming….

  2. Wow. Love that one. I have to say it’s a new favorite. Love the colors.

  3. Oh please spur Spring on!!! I’m so tired of cold weather! Cute tea pot!!! Love the colors!

  4. Perfect choice for today. We also woke up to about six inches more of snow on top of the four or so we got yesterday. Still snowing and no school and wondering if the son will get to Mpls from Fargo this evening and then off to Chicago and Boston.

    • It is very pretty out but I am glad I don’t have to go anywhere!!! I thought it was today Caleb was to go—-keep me posted. Will be praying.

  5. Love the vibrant colors!

  6. that one is ART! love it.

  7. Beth Ann I am sure that if you brew some tea in that colorful Springie teapot all our snow will go away!!! We have a “long road of ugly” in our driveway.. 😀 Thank you Beth Ann’s Hubby.. 😀

    • Haha!!! I have a long road of ugly on the sidewalks by the road…thanks Mr. Snow Plow. Gonna take me days to dig out and it is still coming down so I am just gonna wait a spell!

  8. Even though coffee is my much preferred hot beverage, I do have several teapots acquired over the years. Yours definitely reflects the current color palette I am seeing in fabrics (being paired with gray as a background “neutral”). So pretty! Hugs, Doreen

  9. I agree, this one is very nice. We have sunshine here but snow predicted for this afternoon. Will I go for groceries? Maybe.

  10. such a delicate beautiful teapot

  11. Pretty teapot. At least you will feel like spring arrived by just looking at it.

  12. There is no sweeter one in the world than my first grand-daughter. Her ‘birthday is the same as her great-grand mother.,my mother….

  13. what a beautiful teapot, Beth. I like the green in it.

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