And The Winner Is…….

This could prove to be one long post!!!  Grab your cup of coffee or tea and pull up a couch and settle in for a spell.  You see today is the day I tally up the Comments for A Cause for the month and let my readers know just how awesome they are!   During the month of February you guys all commented like the great folks that you are and I am so thrilled to be able to announce that we will be donating  $202.50 to Tom  Hedin’s medical fund through  As you might remember Tom was seriously  hurt in a snowmobiling accident.  The good news is that Tom is home and is able to use transport services to get to his rehab sessions and doctor’s appointments.  It is still slow going —and I am sure it seems extremely slow to him—but the good news is that he is making headway and is home with his family where he can continue to heal in the comfort of home.  What a blessing.  If you want to read more of Tom’s story click here to go to his Caring Bridge site and it will catch you up on all the goings on.

The other great announcement is the winner of the giveaway of the following items:


I used a random number generator to choose the winner and it is none other than Lynda  at Benzeknees.  Congrats!!!!!!  She has always been a great supporter of my blog and she herself has a delightful blog so check it out sometime!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and comment!

Every month I try to come up with a great charity or cause that can be the recipient of Comments for a Cause.  Just when I start scratching my head about what it should be it comes to me!!! March’s cause is no different!!!   An email sent to my husband just a few days ago started the ball rolling and a couple of emails later I had the new cause!!!  God thing?  Yes!!!  The latest Comments for a Cause will go to help Brittany Ederer who now is associated with an incredible organization called Care of Creation as their Special Projects Coordinator.  Brittany is the daughter of Chris who was instrumental in getting my husband a couple of jobs as he is an executive recruiter and very good at his job!!!  When he sent “my” Chris an email telling us about what Brittany was doing it seemed like the perfect timing and the perfect fit!


Care of Creation has an ambitious and admirable mission statement: pursue a God-centered response to environmental challenges that brings glory to the Creator, advances the cause of Christ, and leads to transformation of the people and the land that sustains them.

Brittany has the enthusiasm and drive to make a difference and she is excited about the opportunities that are on the horizon.  I asked her to tell me a bit about herself and after reading what she wrote I was excited to be a very small part of this project.   Below are some excerpts from an email she sent me and I took the liberty of editing a bit so that you could get the essence of Brittany and what she is doing.

A bit about me:  I’m 23 years old, and just graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with my B.S. in International Agriculture and Natural Resources.  I double majored in Wildlife Ecology and Latin American Studies; I love wildlife and the opportunities afforded to me by attending a great school, such as taking a birdwatching class where I learned to identify 200+ bird species found in southern Wisconsin by sight and sound.  I also did a short study abroad for my senior capstone (like a senior thesis) in Mexico in January 2012, and worked at the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve, catching bats, hummingbirds, small mammals, and just doing really awesome things in general.  I love speaking Spanish, so that trip was great-I was one of the few in our group that knew how to speak proficiently, so I became like a translator.
While at a Christian conference at the end of 2009, God spoke very clearly to me that he had put a passion in me to follow his heart for environmental stewardship-living in shalom with all that God made, including people!  So, I got in contact with Care of Creation the following summer to inquire about a summer internship.  I did that part-time, and kept in contact with the director over the next few years.  At the end of summer 2012, I was offered a paid part-time position, and then a full-time staff position for after I graduated.  I accepted both, and am currently the Special Projects Coordinator.  Essentially, I get to work on brand-new projects that come up, as well as help with past projects or initiatives that need attention.  For instance, I am currently working on overhauling our website, as well as learning the ropes of utilizing social media (FB, Twitter, etc.) for publicity.  I also am creating inspirational images to go on our Facebook wall, and we may end up creating posters of some of these to sell.
About Care of Creation: We are a small org based out of Madison, WI with sister organizations in Kenya and Tanzania.  Our mission is to mobilize the global Church to care for God’s creation-that means we want all Christians, regardless of denomination or location or anything else, to embrace the fullness of the Gospel message-Jesus came and accomplished everything by dying on the cross and raising from the dead, including restoring our human relationship with the entirety of God’s creation.  Genesis says that the ground was cursed because of us, because of our sin.  We see a lot of sin consequences today in our world that, as Christians, we rightfully cry out against and work towards justice and restoration (think of any social injustice, and there are Christians bringing redemption to those situations all over the world-so awesome!!).  However, many of us tend to forget about the very air that keeps us alive, the water we depend on, the soil that grows our food, the forests that produce oxygen, etc. etc. etc.  We need to care about that, too.  Scripture says some (not a ton) about our role as stewards, as special created beings, that have the power to do much with the planet God entrusted to us (Genesis 1, many of the Psalms like 8 and 19, Romans 1 and 8, Colossians 1); but ultimately, it doesn’t belong to us.  It is all God’s.  If it’s really God’s world, shouldn’t we be taking care of it?
Care of Creation here in the USA does outreach and education to church congregations and student groups to proclaim these truths and give Christians the biblical basis for caring for God’s world.  As much as possible, we make them aware of the environmental needs in their area, and equip them to move forward in taking care of their slice of the planet.  In Kenya, the Sorley family teaches sustainable agriculture and helps with indigenous tree restoration.  The group in Tanzania just arrived in 2012, so they don’t have any specific programs established yet.

I hope that you will join me this month in commenting frequently on any blog post that I have written.  For each comment 50 cents will be donated to Care of Creation for Brittany’s support.  I know that she is grateful for the chance to get the word out to more people about what this organization is doing and so am I!   Thank you!

And finally—-It is Friday after all and I have to jump in with the blog hop hosted by Hilary at Feeling Beachie.  Show Hilary and her new kitty , Lucy, some love by checking out her blog!!!

This week’s statements:
1. Sometimes I ___ I am ___
2. When I wear ___ I feel ____
3. When in doubt, _____________
4. The easiest way to ______________ is to ___________.

My answers:

1. Sometimes I am sure I am I am a dork.  Ask anyone.  It might be more than sometimes.
2. When I wear contacts I feel like I look better.
3. When in doubt, smile!
4. The easiest way to  make pot roast is to cook it in a slow cooker like I did for supper tonight.  Yummers..


  1. Congrats to the winner! And you are not a dork in my eyes–of course I think we are a lot alike so I can’t call you one without calling myself one.

  2. A great cause you picked for March – for everyone, I think, not just Christians. We all live in this world together after all. I want to try a new beef stew recipe that I saw the Pioneer Woman cook on her Food Network show last week. It looked soooo good. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • I agree!!! This just has the Christian angle but I hope that does not turn anyone off. I agree that we all should be taking care of the world together no matter what our beliefs or non beliefs!!!

  3. So great to hear about all the money you raised for Tom and Nina and their family. Excellent. You continue to amaze me with all the worthy causes you “find,” or might I say are led to.

    • I know!!! Seriously–it was just at the right moment and has 501(c) status which I kind of needed to find to help down the road!!! Definitely a God thing.

  4. Nothing dorky about your Comments for a Cause success…..and new choice!
    I often think God is looking down on us and shaking His head: “I gave you a nice planet, and you completely messed it up!” We do us all well to remember that we’ve only got 1 world.

    Love my contacts. I’ve been wearing them for over 20 years. I’ve even fallen asleep in them. Hubby cannot wear his for more than a few hours. And it takes him forever to put them in. He can’t believe I can touch my own eyeball. LOL

    • I agree with your comments on what God might think!!! My husband gave me contacts for my birthday when we were seniors in college. Up until then I just had the basic glasses and once I got contacts I just “felt prettier” for some reason! The best present he could have ever given me as it did wonders for my self esteem !

  5. I have not heard of Care of Creation but it sounds like a good one to support. Glad to hear that Tom Hedin is improving and in his home with the family. Certainly both are worthy of our support..

  6. Comments for a Cause is such an awesome idea and Care of Creation is certainly an awesome cause! I know Brittany and COC appreciate your support!

  7. So glad to hear Tom is home! This sounds like a great cause for March. I’m also a fan of contact lenses. 🙂

  8. Nice work Beth Ann, $202.50 that is a lot of cabbage, oops make that verbiage, from “Comments for a Cause”

    • Hehe–yes, indeed it is!! I try to keep up with the comments but some times a few slip through that I don’t respond to. And sometimes a few go to spam that aren’t. Funny how that happens. Happy Friday!

  9. The first time I placed Chris (1991) I had been in recruiting about 1 full year and was really struggling. I was seriously considering leaving this business. We had to borrow money from a relative to pay rent and buy food (for Brittany!). Chris had the offer and told me he needed to pray about it. Apparently his and mine were both answered as he accepted and I was able to pay the relative back and that placement was the turning point for me. 24 years later I’m still here. Whew. God thing you ask? For sure.

    • Chris, Absolutely!!! When Chris and I look back over the years we see God’s hand every step of the way. Even during the tough times we can look back and say “oh yea–that makes sense why we went through that” because it led to another thing that was a better place, a better fit, a better plan for showing God’s plan for our lives. God is definitely a constant. No doubt about it. And 24 years later we are grateful for God placing you in our lives at the right time and the continued friendship which now spills over to your daughter. God is good all the time. And all the time–God is good.

  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful prize package Beth Ann! I feel truly blessed to have been picked. Great new cause! Keep up the good work!

  11. I’m so happy that you chose to support Brittany Ederer this month! She is such a wonderful person, and I know she will be doing amazing work through Care of Creation!

  12. I love to see young people active in some kind of a cause. Good for you for supporting her efforts, Beth Ann.

  13. Smile – good one…

  14. Thanks for supporting Brittany and Care of Creation! Loved skimming your blog this morning. 🙂


  1. […] There you go!!!  All the wonderful answers for today!! Hope all of you have a great weekend and remember to comment often to help raise our Comments for A Cause total for Brittany Ederer and Care of Creation!!!   Check out my post here for the details! […]

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