It’s Just Life With Friends

Part of our recent trip was a trip back “home” to Mooresville, NC where we lived for about 9 years.  It seems a long time ago since we moved in 2007 and even though I have been back numerous times Chris has not made the trip with me.  Being the nice guy that he is he funds my trips !   But this time we made it a point to stop for the night there and see some friends and catch up.

There is nothing like friends who know you, who have lived through life with you and walked similar paths.  These are our friends in Mooresville.  We lived life together.  We laughed together.  We cried together.  This particular group were church friends and boy oh boy—did we go through church drama together!  I think that is why our bond is so strong.  We have been through the good, the bad and the ugly together.  Our group was much larger but many could not make it to our dinner reunion (and they were all missed) but the ones that were there totally enjoyed catching up on life.  Grandbaby pictures were shared from those lucky grandparents, job and retirement stories were talked about and of course we had the “girl end” and the “boy end” of the table so we would not be shouting over each other.

There are friendships that occur in life that definitely are those that are lifetime friendships.  I think I am blessed with far more of those than many people are mainly because we have moved over the years so I get to meet more people.  Chris says I am a good friend.  I hope that I am.  I hate to lose track of people and I know that friendships need maintenance and care if they are to survive the test of time and geography.  I treasure my friends and I hope that they all know it.

There seemed to be an eating theme.  It is the South, you know, and food is as vital as sweet tea!  We shared lunch with one of my friends and former co-workers from my church working days. We were also able to have breakfast with our friend George who was our best man and his wife.  We had lunch with our good friend “Cotton” Ketchie and his wife Vickie before we left Mooresville at Lancaster BBQ (one of our favs) and I was able to pick up a copy of his latest book Trouble in Love Valley which will be my airplane read on the way home. You definitely need to check out “Cotton”—-click here for his website which shows just a portion of his talent as an artist and writer.

I am so blessed by being able to enjoy moments like these with friends from all over.  What friendships are the most precious to you?

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  1. What a cute little dog. Glad you had fun!

  2. what an amazing trip! You are so lucky to have such great friends – I love how some friendships stand the test of time

  3. Chris is right; you are a good friend. All who know you are blessed by you, me among them.

    So glad you were able to reconnect in person with your Southern friends. I love that name, Cotton, and checked out his work. WOW. He is talented.

    Also, what’s with “the guest of the day” honor bestowed upon Chris?

    How much snow did you find piled on your sidewalk?

    • Thank you, Audrey. I try!!! “Cotton” is a trip. Chris used to do framing for him when we had the matboard business and then when he got a framing business started. We have a lot of his work in our home and he is really a funny guy. I read his latest book on the plane ride home.
      Guest of the day—just a random thing I assume they do for their diamond members. Didn’t mean a free night or anything—just the usual treatment but it made me laugh!
      I think some of the snow melted as the driveway even though it was plowed was totally clear which usually is not the case. Our cat sitters shoveled a path to the front door and it looks like maybe 4 inches??? I have the rest of the walks to do this morning. Bah. It will take awhile but I need to get out there and do it.

  4. A fine looking bunch indeed, and quite relaxed it appears.

  5. Enjoy your friends as you can. Some are lifelong friends and you miss then so much when they no longer are here or are unable to keep in touch. I have lost some of them but I am making sure I make new friends.

  6. I could go for a glass of sweet tea! Looks like a wonderful time. There is always a lot to catch up on, but with “good old friends” you never really lose your place and can carry on like you saw each other a week ago.

    • You know exactly what I am talking about !!! It was wonderful. And I had to curb my sweet tea obsession—-I had one glass while I was there but I had to have at least that !!!

  7. There is nothing like old friends! Even though you are miles apart, they are still special. I just called an old friend from many years ago tonight. It was great to talk and catch up.

  8. I am so glad you were able to connect with your old friends! Unfortunately, because of moves, I do not have any friends left. Due to my upbringing it was hard to make friends & keep friends (I couldn’t do what they were doing & a lot of them felt sorry for me), so it has been difficult for me all my life to make friends. I did make 1 friend here in Edmonton, but she has put a lot of distance between us since she met a new man. She doesn’t return calls, she never has time for me anymore & her new beau doesn’t like my hubby so we can’t even do things as couples. My only friends right now are my blogging buddies & I treasure them all.

    • Blogging buddies are definitely real friends and it sounds like you have had a rough road of it. I am sorry it has been so difficult for you. It is funny that I have had really good friends every single place I have lived up until now. After living here off and on for 5 years I can finally say I have a couple of friends but nothing like I have had in other places. For some reason it is harder here. I am glad you have your hubby—if you are like me he is your best friend!

  9. Long-term, long-distance friendships require much attention or they fade away. I can tell you are one who doesn’t let go. What a blessing you are.

  10. Meeting friends always involves food for us, as well. There’s just something about enjoying a meal together!!! Lovely pics…

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