Send the Men in the White Coats

I have developed a fascination lately.  It may not be a healthy one but it is making me laugh. Hysterically at times.  It may be only me but I find goats to be very entertaining.  There are about a million zillion goat videos on YouTube and I may have watched every one of them twice.  My husband’s patience is wearing thin.  I suspect this could be a defining moment in our marriage.  The “event” that pushes him to take a serious look at our relationship and make some decisions.  If you don’t hear from me for awhile you will know what happened.  I will be wearing a white coat with arms that tie in the back…..but until then I leave you a couple of videos that I can not stop laughing about.  And with the rising cost of gas and everything else who doesn’t need a laugh??? Enjoy my silly Sunday offerings.  Please.



  1. McGuffyAnn says:

    I have heard goats do that. It’s weird the way peacocks call, too. It sounds like they are yelling, “Help!” Animals are interesting; God bless them. I actually think people are even more weird…just sayin’.

  2. My wife and I play a game in which we watch a movie or show we try to spot a goat in it. It is surprising how many times we actually see a goat.

  3. I think I spotted, yes, some men in white coats along I35 near Medford, heading south…

  4. These are funny! I never knew goats could actually scream!

  5. Goat videos…wasn’t expecting that one.

  6. I always wanted a goat–until I saw my niece’s standing on her car!

  7. Goaty Goodness!!!!! I am getting one of these magnificent creatures this spring. I won’t tell you how many times I have watched the screaming goats video. It really is white coat worthy.

    • I am so glad I am not alone!! Seriously–my husband thinks I am batty but how much fun are they? Either these screaming ones or the fainting ones!!! I hope you do get yours!!! I am jealous!

  8. Middle and I are laughing hysterically about the Taylor Swift goat version. We had to watch it a few times!!!! 🙂

    • They actually did a feature on the Today Show today about the whole goat thing. Guess I was ahead of the game. There was also a Justin Bieber one and a Bon Jovi one but they didn’t make me laugh as much.

  9. i laughed at the goats also, especially a couple of them. I have not been around them much but I understand they are a handfull at times.

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