The 100th Follow Friday Fill In Fun !!!!

It’s blog hop time at Feeling Beachie so hop over there to join up on the linky and get your blog listed!!!  It is a great way to meet new friends and find out some fun facts about them!!!  This week I am the co host and it is Hilary’s 100th blog hop so tell her congrats when you swing by!

The statements are:

1.       I can’t believe____

2.       I never liked the TV Show _____

3.       If I were a ____________I would most definitely __________.

4.       I ____________ when I ______________

My answers:

1.       I can’t believe there is another huge storm brewing in our area and we are not there to “enjoy” it.  Darn!

2.       I never liked the TV Show Survivor.  I know, I know—-I just never liked it even though everyone else seems to.

3.       If I were a cat I would most definitely be an indoor pampered housecat who needed massive amounts of attention.

4.       I keep my eyes open when I when I brush my teeth.  My hubby does not.  🙂  It is endearing to watch him brush his teeth.  


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  1. I tend to close my yes when i brush my teeth. Not sure why. Happy Friday!

  2. Faribault schools are closed today. Haven’t even checked how much snow fell in Iowa. But I expect more than here in southeastern Minnesota.

    • Mason City was closed today. 6 inches and more to come Monday and Tuesday probably. Hopefully Sunday we can get home and load up on groceries and hibernate for a couple of days! 🙂

  3. Ah, to enjoy the life of a pampered house cat. I’d like that too sometimes… I have also never been much of a Survivor fan or watcher. Just not my thing I guess. 🙂 Have a great weekend and enjoy your time away from the Winter storms. 🙂

  4. We got some snow here yesterday but not enough to cause any serious problems.

  5. I was going to go shopping for groceries this morning but the newspaper and the TV said there was going to be freezing rain and then snow. I decided not to go and it has not rained or snowed as of 10:30. I probably should have gone but I will go another day. Maybe the storm is not coming our way. Enjoy your weather.

  6. Maybe you should extend your trip a couple days, see the quilt show, etc. I’m an eyes-open brusher, too.

  7. There are lots of shows I don’t like but Survivor is one that I like watching! A pampered house cat is a good choice! I never thought of brushing my teeth with my eyes closed. Why would he do that?

  8. I watched the very first Survivor…..and then completely lost interest until Boston Rob. Then never watched again after that. Is it still on? goodness.
    I tend to wander around and make goofy faces in the mirror when I brush my teeth. that’s normal, right?

  9. Eyes open teeth brusher and no lover of Survivor either. We had thundersnow and thundersleet yesterday and then some freezing rain and at one point it was all going sideways! Missouri weather is crazy stuff!

  10. i wouldn’t mind being a pampered cat either… what a life!

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