Wordless Wednesday

This poor little guy didn’t make it out of my washer alive—–at least I saw him floating before I started putting the clothes in!!!!

  Can you imagine if I had transferred him to the dryer???? Ugh.




  1. Ugh. That is really gross. I guess it’s something else to watch for.

  2. Oh man I feel for the little creature. Say a little prayer for me.

  3. Amy Prentice says:

    Beth Ann my cats sleep most of the day……and a deep sleep…..the mice could be line dancing past their noses and they would still be catching zzz’s! Ugh how disgusting to find that present in your washer!!

    • I guess we both have cats who are pampered. Mine are really pampered. To the point of it being ridiculous. The cat sitter comments on how they love the registers and they do—they act like we keep the house at 50 degrees or something!!! I have turned them into big babies.

  4. McGuffyAnn says:

    A mouse was living in my car for awhile, until we found him…passed away in the engine compartment.
    I found my pet snake in my washing machine when I was 12. Thank goodness he was alive! He was a 6′ long Columbian Boa.

    • You are a better woman than I am—snakes are not my favorite thing at all. They just kind of creep me out. Mice do not belong in my house or in your car for that matter. I would be happy to never see another one in my house—it makes me feel like I have a nasty dirty house and I don’t. Yuck.

      • A mouse would never last in my house, Chloe Jo would play with it to death or Grizelda would dispose of it. Maggie, well she would probably sleep with it. She adopted the wild bunnies I bottle fed, and the kittens.

  5. Oh, my, this rates right up there with the time I found a mouse floating in a crockpot. I had left the crockpot to soak overnight on the kitchen counter. I HATE MICE! I would not even be able to take a picture of one, that’s how much I HATE MICE! And you know I never use exclamation marks.

  6. I wonder how a mouse managed to get into the washer. I want to say poor little fellow – but ewwww, it’s kinda yucky.

  7. Ewwwwww. We haven’t had a mouse in the house but we had them in the trunk of my car when CH left a big bag of birdseed in there.

  8. Well, I’m feel sorry for the mouse…but I am glad that he didn’t end up in your dryer. Have a Happier Day being mouse-free!

  9. Joanna graham says:

    Omg. We have those critters in our attic. I would have screamed very loudly if I saw one in my washer. I can truly feel for you. Does that mean they are crawling around the house at night while you are sleeping? Get the mouse exterminator out there quickly!

  10. Oh no – poor lil guy. growing up in old farmhouses, this was not an uncommon thing. my uncle once cooked one such poor critter with the Thanksgiving turkey. (by accident of course.)

    • I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I read that!!! Ugh!!! I know they are God’s creatures but I don’t want them in my house! Did the turkey get eaten that year?

  11. ok… that’s just …. welll…….. eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!

  12. Oh, Lord, Beth Ann! Glad we’re not the only ones who catch mice from time to time. But you have cats! Hmmmmmmmm

    • It just creeps me out to think about mice in my house but I guess I have to figure out where they are getting in, huh? Plus my worthless pampered cats don’t know what to do with them, obviously!!! 🙂

  13. Yew, I’d be screaming my head off if I found a mouse anywhere in my house! You are right, they do not belong in there! Did you actually hold it by the tail? You better have a talk with your cats and explain their job to them.

    • I don’t scream but I am not happy to see them! Chris actually pulled it out for me and threw it outside in the yard. 🙂 If he had not been there I would have done it but also with a paper towel!

  14. I can’t stand mice or bugs of any kind in my house. They belong outside. I hope your cats will learn that they should take care of the mice.

  15. Ewwwwwww . . . I never even think to look in my washer before I start filling the washer with soap & water, then dirty clothes. If this guy had ended up in my house, he would have been washed with the dirty clothes!

  16. What a lovely surprise! They don’t need a very big hole to get inside. No clue how they’d get in the washer, though.

  17. I think I’d die –
    but the bigger issue is buddy and holly – are they slacking on their duties????

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