Tea Time!

What would a teapot collector love to do????? Go to Elloree, South Carolina to see the World’s Largest Teapot and a huge teapot collection!!!  Yes, folks, it is true!  I have the best husband in the world because he indulged me in a recent trip to this fabulous little spot called J’s Tea-rific Teapot Museum!

Julian Boland is the owner (his wife Sybil did all the arranging) and weeks before my visit I sent him an email.  His son answered me and said that his parents do not “do” email so he handles their Teapot Museum emails for them.  After emailing back and forth with son Patrick a few times it was agreed that as the time for our trip got closer I would call Julian and see what the status of the museum was.   Which I did.  I had a lovely conversation with this gentle southern gentleman and due to some health issues he has not had the museum open and it won’t be for a few more weeks at least.  I was a little disappointed but asked him if it was okay if we at least stopped and took some pictures of the outside which he agreed was perfectly fine.  So we did and I hope to make it back down again when it is open.



Trying to get a drink!!!

Trying to get a drink!!!

Too heavy to lift the handle to pour!

Too heavy to lift the handle to pour!

Had to settle for some sweet tea since there was no hot tea around!

Had to settle for some sweet tea since there was no hot tea around!

Sad face since it was all closed up tight.

Sad face since it was all closed up tight.

I do hope to get back down to see the thousands of teapots that he has collected over the years.  I think I might even have a few he has in his collection and that would be neat to see!!

A local tv station did a feature on the museum and I think if you watch it you will see why I want to meet sweet Mr. Julian and Sybil!!! They are definitely my kind of folks!!!  Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

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  1. Dude you should open a museum! And I hope you get to see this one

  2. I love this – the picture of you trying to drink the pot is the best! so frame worthy!

  3. I can certainly see why yo want to get inside this museum. The exterior would be enough to lure me inside and I seldom drink tea. I laughed at Chris’ comment that you shouldn’t get any ideas about those Southern teapots.

    • The outside is just a teaser!!! It is the entrance of sorts and then all the teapots are in the building it is attached to from what I can tell. I hope that I can make it back sometime when I can meet Julian and Sybil. A sweet Southern gentleman. This trip reminds me how much I miss the South. 😦

  4. I enjoyed your pictures of the teapot house. Knowing you, you will get inside that teapot house. It would really be fun to see all of those pots.

  5. “Let me make this clear, these are my HUSBAND’s teapots.” Spoken like a loving wife throwing that husband under the bus! LOL!

  6. McGuffyAnn says:

    Well, this is very You! I hope you get to go back.

  7. Wow! A teapot museum. How wonderful. Hope you get back again to see the inside.

  8. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go inside. Loved the “pouting” picture. You’re just plain cute, Beth Ann.

  9. Ah man!! I remember one time I traveled with my brother 3 hours through the mountains to get to a theme park and when we arrived it was closed. Sad day!!! Sorry you missed the teapots. Happy Saturday!

    • Hey Alene!! Thanks for stopping by!!!! I knew the museum was going to be closed but it was fun to at least see the outside of it. And I will go back!!! Definitely!

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