Wordless Wednesday—iHolly

Chris got a new MacBook Pro—-the box was not empty long.



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  1. My cats love boxes too! Holly looks quite happy in there.

  2. McGuffyAnn says:

    I’d rather have the iHolly.

  3. Atticus is the same way. he wedged himself into one box I thought I would have to cut him out. Fortunately it all worked out.

    • Whew. Why is it that they love boxes and sacks so much? I had a paper bag out yesterday and both cats were in and out of it, leaping and running around like ninnies!! At least it made me laugh like a ninny!

  4. Iholly – LOVE It!!

  5. iHolly is darling!

  6. iHolly has the sweetest face and prettiest green eyes. So… some cats are just like little kids. They prefer the cardboard box to the gift.

    • Boxes and brown paper bags are favorites in this household. And string. Buddy has a string and rubber band addiction that I have to curb—-surgery at 5 months old was not a good thing! 🙂 He has used 2 of his 9 lives already.

  7. So cute!

  8. cats and boxes — like peanut butter and jam – they just go together 🙂

  9. She seems to have a liking for comfort, and the packing material was a purrfect fit..

  10. I hope to meet Buddy and Holly someday as I like cats, Holly looks so satisfied with the box.

  11. Ha ha ha. Looks like she’s comfy. My Finn loves exploring boxes…

  12. Gosh, this is hilarious, Beth Ann. Don’t you just love how cats love boxes?!

  13. It looks like the box was made for her!

  14. Miranda Gargasz says:

    I’m not much of a cat person but your Holly is really gorgeous. I can’t stop staring at her eyes!

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