Teapot Tuesday

Gotta have a heart teapot around Valentine’s Day so here is a nice Sadler I got on Ebay—great little teapot and classy enough to serve high tea in!



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  1. Ah! What is this Valentine’s day you speak of? I’m so not prepared this year—oooops!

  2. So sweet and pretty, and even romantic.

  3. Beth this teapot is beautiful, I could see this in a southern style home with a big wrap around porch and lots of land. I really love the colors and the delicacy of it. I’m not sure where you store all of these teapots of yours but I sure do like to see them.

    • Joanna, that is the house of my dreams!!!! The teapots are housed in a couple of hutches and barrister bookcase and are expanding to bookcases and other spots throughout the house……I may need to build an addition. Hope to visit a Teapot Museum in Elloree, SC this Friday if the owner is up to it!!! Now THAT will be something to blog about if it happens!!!

  4. This is my new favorite! Love the gold trim on it.

  5. Love this one. It reminds me of a teapot my grandma had… with the gold accents.

  6. What are the markings inside? Something, something 13? Do you know? I’m just curious.

    • Great question! I can’t really read it and wonder if it is a number (limited edition) or initials…..it isn’t worth much if you can’t figure out what it says!!! 🙂

  7. Amy Prentice says:

    Now that’s a Valentine teapot!!! I love it! What is with the men and Valentine’s Day…Tara’s boyfriend doesn’t believe in it and thus he didn’t do anything last year! lol but he does treat her well so I can’t hold it against him. Seth doesn’t like the holiday either. Guys!

  8. I love almost anything by Sadler! I have a few pieces myself.
    Sadler is also my maternal grandmother’s maiden name. The china teacups I have I inherited from her. Which makes them extra special of course.

  9. Becky Miracle says:

    I LOVE this one…I am such a sucker for hearts and reds so it is perfect in everyway! I hope you get to do the Teapot Museum, because I can’t wait to hear about it!!!!!!!!

  10. This teapot I really, really like. You manage to have one for every special day and more.

  11. How can you not love a teapot with little hearts on it?

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